Clematis not flowering. How do I identify and winterize?

GROWCHEMOME(7a)August 14, 2014

Hi everyone

I very new to perennials so I haven't overwintered anything yet. I have 2 Clematis, the Empress & one from Home Depot that's labeled "tall height" Clematis nothing else identifying about it. It has a typical size and shape lighter blue/purple color bloom.

They both seem to be doing well on the front porch of our house but since we brought the unidentified Clematis home it bloomed then grew like crazy. I cut it back some but since that initial bloom it's not done anything else?

The Empress Clematis had many blooms when we bought it and it has grown some but not as much as the other. I switched their spots since it didn't get as much sun and it does seem to have grown some but not quite as much as the other. It also hasn't bloomed since we potted it?

I read that some Clematis can be cut back to a few inches during the dormant seasons and other like the taller variety you just leave alone. How do I identify which ones I can cut back and which I don't

Also, how high should I actually cut it back and when?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! Rachel

I can post a picture in a few days if that would help?

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A photo might help, but there are a large number of light blue/purple clematis and big box stores aren't known for accurate tags. In general, the bloom time is what tells you how to prune it. When did it bloom? If it bloomed with Empress, which is a type 2 (or B) prune, then it should be pruned the same way. Type 2 plants bloom on old growth and some on new growth as well, so spring pruning should be dead wood only. Some plants bloom better a second time (usually about September) if pruned lightly right after the first bloom to encourage new growth and to remove the old flowers. I don't grow Empress, and I am too far north to get second bloom on my type 2 clematis, so I don't know if you will get a second bloom if you prune lightly. Check to see if there buds forming on either plant over the next month. Even if they don't bloom a second time this year, they may in the future as they mature and get settled in.

You said "on the front porch." Did you plant them in the ground or are they still in their pots? It is much easier to grow clematis well in the ground for beginners IMO. They are heavy feeders (same type of fertilizer as for roses in spring) and have large root balls. They like even moisture, so a mulch is helpful as well.

There is also a clematis forum here on GW, though as far as I am concerned posting here is fine also.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I read that some Clematis can be cut back to a few inches during the dormant seasons and other like the taller variety you just leave alone.

==>>> i dont know what you are reading.. but you need better sources...

there are 3 specific types of Cs.. and they have different rules as to when and how to cut on them ...

there are no general rules ....

the default is to leave them until spring.. and cut back.. just as you are seeing new growth ... a failsafe situation ...


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