need help with a seed id

rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)January 18, 2012

I wintersowed these seeds and was wondering if anyone recognizes them? It is a funny story fitting for the "you know your addicted posts". My mother went for a Sunday drive a couple weeks ago and came upon an area that had a Kentucky Coffee tree. She wanted some of the pods so we stopped to collect them. As we were searching for pods on the ground she found these seeds. Needless to say they have passed through some animals digestive track. I still chuckle to myself when I think we picked up poop for the seeds. Anyway, they are hard and red and we found them in Illinois on the roadside. The area is mostly farmland with patches of vegetation (hedgerows).

Thanks for the help!


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Could they be rose hips?


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Hi Rhonda,

IMO those are too small to be KCT seeds but in case they are you need to get the tough outer covering off for it to germinate. I knicked mine all over with little hacksaw cuts (I used a clamp as well) and repeated soaked them in hot water. It took perhaps two weeks to get the coating off all of them, it's like they are shrink wrapped in #1 plastic. The seeds swell wherever the water can soak in, by the time you get most of the coating off it's about the size of a extremely lumpy buckeye.

If you can cut right into the seed it's probably not KCT.


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IMHO they look like hyacinth bean

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those look like staghorn sumac seeds to me but do the red coats rub right off. If they dont then they are not staghorn.Staghorn has a red coat over a white one covering a grey seed. good luck Ric

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