Wanted: vicious annual climber

dilwen(zone7 eastcoast)January 26, 2011

I need a huge climber needed to smother whatever that overgrown satellite-dish-looking-thing is in the side yard. Preferably, something I can get in the ground and well established by the end of May, because I will be absent from it all of June and probably most of July. I think I can get someone to water it, but I don't know what more. Its at some distance from the house so something colorful will be best. I'm guessing I'll need it to be at least 15 feet high. The seeds will probably come from Pinetree Seeds, (unless I go with morning glories)so I'm limiting myself to their selections.

Ignore my gardening zone. I moved to West Virginia at the end of last summer, and don't think I haven't updated since then. Actually, I haven't figured out my zone yet, but I'm in Preston County. I'm either 6 or 7.

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steff442(8b Portland OR)

Well, I'm new to gardening, but here's my two cents:

I did some research on climbing vines because I wanted to see something pretty covering my fence, but didn't want the destructiveness of say, english ivy. After much consideration, I decided upon Morning Glory and Moonflower. Both entwine rather than damage, but both reseed agressively. If you aren't worried about reseeding, then I would try those. They really are beautiful, but you would have to keep them in check. Also, Sweet Pea might be a good candidate, but I think they are vigorous reseeders as well.

I looked at Nicotania (sp) as well. I think they are perennial though. Might take some time to establish. Not positive on this, however, because I stopped looking after the MG's and Moonflower.

Im sure the experts here would have more info for you, but I figured I should share what I have learned to sort of...give back, as it were.

Steff :)

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

you're going to want something that can withstand a lot of snow, as i'm sure you're learning. hmmm. what about trumpet vine? i hear that takes off like mad and is impossible to kill but i don't think wv has banned it. or honeysuckle? are you wanting an annual or perennial?

check on the seed exchange and plant exchange forum before you buy seeds-- you might be able to find multiple things, or get cuttings, which would be faster, for trades or sometimes sasbe.

in my experience, moonvine is slow to flower.

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I've grown a variety of annual vines. Moonflower vine grows the biggest and strongest for me. It doesn't flower for me until late summer. But it can get big, almost forming a trunk.
I haven't experienced reseeding in Zone 6.
I also like hyacinth bean vine, and scarlet runner beans.

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dilwen(zone7 eastcoast)

Thank you all for replying.

Steff: and a very bright and shiny two cents they are. I have grown Moonflowers and several varieties of Morning glories and loved them, and that is probably what I will go with, but I wanted to ask here about some of the other options. Mainly, I want something vigorous enough to climb to the top of the hideous thing. I am growing Sweet peas this year, but I wasn't sure if they would be tall enough.
rosemctier: I just came in from playing in the snow. I am looking for an annual, for several reasons, so I am not worried about its cold hardiness, just if I can get it established before I leave for the summer. Thanks for the seed tip.
weebay: I like scarlet runner beans, but would they get tall enough?

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

A couple of things to consider

-sweet peas like cool weather. If you're growing this for summer, consider what your weather might be like

- some viney plants need help to climb. They require a little human intervention to feed them up a trellis or strings. If you're leaving for the summer, you want something with good tendrils that will do the climbing itself.


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jessewo(5 PA)

I've had Scarlet Runner Beans climb twine from a trellis to the 2nd floor window! The neighbors called it the magic beanstalk!

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