Bougainvillea for compost or mulch?

doginthegardenSeptember 17, 2013

With several large bougainvilleas around our yard and garden, we have a LOT of leaf and petal debris, some that blows into the vegetable garden area. I've searched on this but have not yet found any info so I thought I would ask here.....does anyone have experience or opinions about use of bougie leaves for compost? for mulch? We have a shredder but I don't think it will shred well, as the leaves are already pretty small. But they do not seem to decompose very fast, where piled up against a fence, etc.

I had thought that I'd read that bougie is poisonous, but I must have dreamed that since I haven't found it again. But I'm curious and thought I'd ask about it before putting it into the compost bin.

Thanks sbmw

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The leaves should cause no problems whatsoever when used for compost. I'd be cautious, however, about handling any chips from the woody part of the plant. The sap can cause pretty serious dermatitis in sensitive individuals.

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And the thorns are a b**tch! I wouldn't want those thorns anywhere near me, my compost or my garden.

I didn't know that about the sap, good to know.

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