Ornamental Weeping Cherry with Leaf Roll

KJMMJune 17, 2014

The leaves on my serpentine snow fountain cherry recently started to roll up like this. Is this cherry leaf roll virus???

Or is it something else that I can treat or will go away?

I have another one, that is not serpentine, that does not have all of its leaves rolled, but some are starting too.

I also just realized that I wasn't watering them enough too. I deep watered it last night hoping it would perk it up, but these pics were taken this morning, and they were still rolled.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Possibly plain thirsty. Has it been hot? I notice they're up against a reflective white wall.

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Looks like plain old drought stress to me also. Just keep providing deep, slow watering as needed but don't go overboard, either.

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I live in a pretty warm climate, so yeah it's consistently been in the 70's-80's in general. When I bought this tree they told me that I shouldn't dare put the tree in shade or partial shade and that it would be better to put it in a full sun spot even if it get reflected heat. Luckily it's and East facing wall, so it gets full sun until about 2 and then gets a break after that. But I must admit the kind of sun it gets it's pretty intense. It's right by a sprinkler so I thought I didn't need to give it any special attentio and admittedly I was neglecting it because I was so focused on my JM's. I finally did the finger soil test and it was preeeety dry down to 4 inches so I deep watered it.

I realllllly hope it's just drought stress! How often should I deep water it? Every 2-3 days ok?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

one does not properly water trees... with automated sprinklers ..


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Could any of this also apply to my situation???


I did fertilize it recently.

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Highly unlikely. Factors which affect tomatoes are not inclined to transfer to woody plants like the flowering cherry.

Fwiw, in your climate, flowering cherries and other ornamental flowering trees can take part shade with ease....and may in fact prefer it. The reflected heat from the wall coupled with a misaimed sprinkler head is most likely what is causing the stress. And Ken is right - really hard to deliver water as needed to trees with an automated system. The daily blast for a few minutes is just teasing them. Infrequent but slow and deep is what's needed.

And little need to fertilize, either. Most woodies do not need it and drought stress can be compounded.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you have been given the answer multiple times.. do not keep searching for other answers...

the plant is not PROPERLY WATERED ... and the wall is complicating THAT issue ...

trees want a deep drink.. thru the root zone ... which can be up to a foot down ... and then good drainage.. and then near drying.. before another deep drink .... grass has its roots in the first inch... so watering the first inch of soil is not good for a tree ...

take a hand trowel.. and dig a 6 inch hole.. near your plant.. if it is bone dry ... 3 to 6 inches down.. that is your answer ...

see link ..

if its a recent transplant.. you are responsible for all water for 2 years ... PROPER WATER ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Sorry to keep asking but I've been giving it deep soakings and letting it nearly dry before soaking again, but the leaves remain rolled and many leaves have turned yellow and dropped on the rear lower branches. Seems to be continuing to decline or something?

I am not scared to get rid of a non-performing tree, but I was wondering at which point is a good time to to call it quits? It seems like it's just getting worse. Everything else in my yard is doing really really well, including another straight trunk weeping cherry. This one is the only on giving me grief (knock on wood).

It's been in the ground since March.

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It's only been in the ground for 3 months? Has it ever even sprouted any new leaves?

Did you manually untangle the roots and break up the pot ball before you planted it? If not, the roots might have girdled themselves in the pot so tight that even water would sheet around it and not penetrate within.

So, the roots possibly could have been slowly drying out since you planted it?

If that's the case, then you would have to dig it up, break up the dry root ball and replant it.

If that's not the case, then it should perk up with some targeted watering now..

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Really hope yours pulls through. I recently purchased one as well. But...have chosen to not stake it. I like the stumpier wide look it gives without being staked. (My yard my preference but I do admire the tall ones like yours.)

Mine is in hardscape but no rocks touch it's trunk. To much water is also a bad thing...water deeply and check for when it starts to dry out.

Really hope yours pulls through...but, yeah...that sprinkler watering it most likely was it's downfall. Hope you see some back budding soon.

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Another angle you can see the spiral drapes to the ground. I sort of like it that way. I could gather it up and stake it tall...but for now...I am going to live with it like this for awhile.

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Well yes its actually formed new buds all over the place and many new branches and leaves but the old ones are all rolled up. Lower leaves yellowing. I trimmed those off though. Ill post a pic of how it looks today. Since theres new growth is that a good thing and not to worry? These were the first two trees I had planted when I bought this house and I had hired landscapers to plant them so not sure if they broke up the rootball when they planted it.

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Well I would take the new growth as a positive sign...curious if you won't lose the curled leaves though. Stress from lack of a watering may have done them in and may cause leaf drop is what I am thinking to those which suffered at the time. But always when there is a sign of new growth is a good sign I would imagine.

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ok so I think my tree has recovered but now here is the problem, I'm guessing the lack of watering put it through a false winter and now it's blooming out of season. Not a lot but is there anyway I can stop it from spending all of its flower buds and save them for next Spring???

Also, the lower part of the tree has now been sending all all these new new branch shoots all over the place, I'm happy about that because it's getting a fuller look now, BUT, on on the lower half of the tree. And they sprouted all over the place, like, not even at nodes, just out of nowhere practically. But, upper half, only 1 shoot. There aren't any branches up there to prune to stimulate growth but I clipped a a few branch ends where I could...but is there anything else I can do to stimulate more growth up there?

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Never heard if them blooming a second time. Though...with bonsai, a tree in stress will throw blooms. (Not saying this is the case though)

Off topic...how close did you plant this near your house? Looking at the photos it seems rather close. The nursery guy told me the worst thing one can do is plant to close to a house and not allow proper air flow.

Snipping branch ends...I think produces branching on the branch you trimmed...like allowing it to grow lateral branches off to the side possibly? I maybe butchering the actual term...it's been awhile when it was explained to me how to develop ramptification of secondary branches on one of my bonsai.

Thinking maybe just time and maturity of the tree will bring the branches you desire. No clue how to prevent a tree from blooming...for a tree doesn't read any books. They do sometimes as they wish...

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I just posted on my cherry getting lower branches...I was told to get rid of them...they are understock shoots...and not a good sign. You may wish to look at my post I recently posted and read what is said. I had photos of it as well. Make sure what your seeing...isn't the understock shoots.

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