What are those trees with marbled bark and large leaves?

jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)June 22, 2013

Picture taken inside Tongji University of Shanghai China.

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Looks like some kind of plane tree (platanus)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

aka sycamore ...

pretty bad infestation there.. i bet there is a spray for that.. lol ...

if you plant one.. 20 to 30 years for that bark to develop ...


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20 to 30 years seem too long. At least the London plane tree develop that bark earlier. I don't know what sycamore species is most likely to find in Shanghai, maybe platanus orientalis

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i grew up in a mid 1950 subdivision ... in ground freeze MI ... every house on the street had them .. except for ours ... it was missing by the time we moved in the mid 60's ....

i didnt keep track .. but it seems to me.. they didnt start doing the bark thing until the 70's .. or later ..

i do remember the city came around with a truck mounted cannon and shot them for anthracnose ...

FRANKLY.. they are a pretty park tree ... not really suited to a backyard ... the roots lift cement... the hairy dusty seed pods make a mess for weeks in fall ... and the leaves do not compost well ...

sited as in the pic .. i like them... but .. IMHO ... not a backyard tree


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