Tightening bolt on electric PTO for Sabre 1948HV

mikekobler(MN, USA)October 30, 2013

I recently had the bolt that holds the electric PTO/drive pulley to the main shaft of the engine break and had to replace it. I'm now having problems getting it tight enough to not work itself loose while mowing.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can stop the crankshaft from turning while I try to tighten the bolt? The drive pulley has a huge hex nut like shape on it, but it's buried in the frame of the mower and I don't think I can get a wrench on it.

thanks for any suggestions!

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Tell us what engine you have by posting the engine brand and model number of engine (found on the engine).
The best way is to just use an electric or pneumatic impact wrench to zap it tight, but if you are not familiar with these tools you might damage the bolt or crankshaft by over tightening it.

You can remove the flywheel cover and hold the flywheel retainer nut with a socket wrench (might need a helper) while you tighten the PTO bolt under the tractor.

Another method requires that you remove a spark plug from a cylinder and position that cylinder to where it is coming UP on a compression stroke, but has not yet reached Top Dead Center.
At this point, you feed some plain old ordinary nylon rope into the cylinder through the spark plug hole, as much rope as you can push in there.
With the cylinder now full of rope, you tighten the bolt.
The piston will move against the rope and the rope will stall the piston and crankshaft allowing you to tighten the bolt.
After the bolt is tight, turn the bolt in the opposite direction and the piston will move down, release the rope.
Pull the rope out and install spark plug.

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