stink bugs

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5August 2, 2011

are they any real problem in the garden ..

kids spread gourd seeds all over the yard... volunteers ...

right out the front door.. off the deck.. a couple mommas laid a couple hundred eggs ... a great observation experiment .. so they will stay for a while ...

the bed has a few hosta and conifers ...

google seems to indicate they can be problematic on production crops ... what basically looks like making produce not look perfect ...

i am just wondering about what harm they might do ..

anyone have any experiences??


ps: and no.. i have no plan to crush them to define the name .. lol ... but i can not speak for the 9 year old boy ...

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I rarely see them in my gardens, but when I do, out they go. They release a smell (and not only when crushed), I believe, that can attract other bad bugs. They can also get in the house. I've always read on the other forums that they are one of the bad bugs, and there is an infestation of the brown marmorated stink bug that have the experts alarmed. On the plus side, some types to eat other pests, but I'm not about to study them to find out which are bad and which are good.

If you can keep them contained somehow, I agree that it's a learning project for the kids.

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