Shademaster Honey Locust mess

Cathe2June 1, 2014

I have 2 Shademaster Honey Locust trees, both thornless and seedless. Over the years they drop more and more green catkin/powder stuff, that now it builds up to almost 3-4 inches thick on my deck and lawn in a matter of a couple of days. They are planted about 15' apart and are 20 years old. Is there any thing that can be done short of removing them to stop this? Is there something wrong with them? I've looked up the problem on the internet, but the only thing I can find is that they are non-messy trees. I wonder, is 2 of them in the same area causing this? Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts!

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They are relatively non-messy trees. Everyone has a different definition of messy though. In the case of a seedless thornless Honeylocust, it drops debris over a couple of short time frames each year and the debris is easy to clean up.

Trees that drop twigs, nuts, big leaves, sometimes continuously, are messy trees.

Your Honeylocust is a thornless male. It still has flowers (your 'catkins') but no seedpods and (thank goodness) it doesn't drop giant thorns either. Not much else you can do.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

As a side note, the pollen in my area has been so prolific, that in our last good thunderstorm (last Tuesday), the runoff water going down the street was actually yellow in color.

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