New John Deere series?

lt150October 30, 2013

Just wondering if John Deere is going to retire the X500 series. It has been out since 2006. I have a LT150 and a JD 265 both are fine and enjoy using them. I would like to buy a new one and sell the old in a couple of years before I retire. I would plan on keeping it as my last tractor so I would want to get as much as possible to my liking.
Here is what I would want.

Fuel injection.
Dedicated mulching deck.
High Quality single cyl. engine
Replaceable transmission oil filter
Easily replaceable mower deck/ like simplicity mowers

That's about it.

I could probably go for 2 two cylinder engine as I have never had one and it would be neat. I just would not want a huge horsepower engine like they are building now.
Both my mower have had carb. problems and I think fuel injection would be the next step in reliability. They are on some zero turns that John Deere makes.
I always thought the JD GT225 was a good garden tractor as it was a low HP garden tractor that had a robust rear end and could handle a 48" mower deck.

I don't post a lot but always enjoy reading the forum. Thanks

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

So how about getting a JD zero turn, and keep your JD 265 for garden cart work and other pulling duties? Once you go ztr, you may never want to go back. It's just so fast and maneuverable around obstacles. I've finished mowing my lawn when my neighbor is just half way done. I know, this is a lawn/garden tractor site and this may be considered heresy by many here, but I've mowed with a tractor rider for years up until i got my JD 425EZTrak, and I can't imagine changing back. I've been retired for the last year, and though i have more time to do yard work now, I don't like to spend it mowing. But hey, that may be just me. o)

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I have never driven a ztr but thanks for the input. I have a few years before I buy and I will put it on the list. I drove a Simplicity Broadmoor and a JD X320 and both road beautifully. Sure beat the 11 and 21 year old machines I have. The ztr is a different animal but it seems to do quite well judging from u-tube.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

A ztr really is easy to control. Only caveat would be if you have steep terrain where they're harder to control with those front casters. In my mind, the ztr is a game changer in how people mow their lawns. Just like the ":Weed Eater" rotary trimmer was to lawn trimming. When was the last time you used those grass clippers/shears, hanging on the garage wall, for trimming grass along the fence? Same thing.... I can still feel the blisters on my hand from those....

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Somehow I cringe at fuel injection at this point in history. Maybe after they get a few more years on them. They seem to be on the high horsepower more commercial models that I see.

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