Saucer Magnolia - Soil ph

whimzzymeJune 25, 2009

I have a Saucer Magnolia that I decided to put river pebble under. My husband just picked up the rock and it just occurred to me that the soil ph would change. I have read that Saucer Magnolias like acidic soil and will not tolerate alkaline soil. I am afraid the rock will make the soil too alkaline. Would really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this. Do any of you have river pebble under your Saucer Magnolia?

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

If your "rock" is pea-gravel or agate river rock you do not have to worry. Agate based rock is not soluble and doesn't affect pH. If your rock is limestone based, soluble and quite alkaline, then have concern.
I live in an area that has alkaline, limestone based soils that range from 7.3 - 8.0+ pH. Saucer seems to do well in the lower end of that range only - but the main problem here is the early spring freeze that zapps the saucer magnolia probably 7 out of 10 years! Love the plant. Good luck!

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