Bolens tractor/ replacement for the Tecumseh 10 H.P. stock engine

rustyj14(W/PA)October 28, 2010

Yes, the Bolens ewngine has no spark! It is the 1400/ Eliminator tractor. Good condition, but no ignition spark.

I have accessed a web-site that sells ignition sets for that engine, at approximately $140+!


And, get one connection wrong, and its all out the window! I'd like to get a more modern engine for it, but am at a loss on where to find a used one here-abouts.

Sadly, at this time, the only thing i can see me doing, is cutting it up for scrap! I have several good engines here, but all vertical shaft types.

Any ideas? Has anyone used one of those little $15 ignition things we have used on Briggs and Tecumseh lawn mower engines that replace the original ignition? Rusty Jones.

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Maybe a used Kohler horizontal?

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I don't know the model tractor you're referring to, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

I tried to look it up on They didn't list a 1400 series of Bolens, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Their remarks about other models of Bolens did give me some insight. They said the model engines haven't been manufactured for quite some time. (Taking into account you've referred to a Tecumseh engine here).

Hmmmmm. I know I've seen those lines of thoughts before. So, I checked into some of the Sears Suburban line tractors. They too had the Tecumseh engines. Same thing there. "Those model engines haven't been manufactured for quite some time. There are no new engines nor short blocks available."

Sounds like a dead end? Maybe not. Check to see if someone knows about the relationship between the two makes of tractors and see if they indeed do share the same engines listed. If so, maybe Sears of someone else has those parts you need or the expertise in troubleshooting them. It's worth a shot.

Good Luck!

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Don't know about the Kohler, but Briggs was interchangable with Tecumseh in that time period. Tecumseh made Craftsman engines for years, model for model basicly identical. Major point is to match the base mount and shaft.

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Sam's Bolens web-site has a section on the Model 1400's.
Thats where i found the elctronic ignition sets. Price is steep for my purse! Guess i'll tow it back outside and wait for an engine to come along. Ya never know when one will fall out of the sky! Rusty J.

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