Rose bush problem leaves nutrition deficiency?

Hrose(6 A)June 23, 2014

this is a newly planted own root rose bush I recently planted I think it might be having nutrition deficiency but I'm not sure

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seil zone 6b MI

From the last photo I can tell you it's not a deficiency. That's rose slug damage. They are tiny green worms that suck on the leaves from the underside. Left unchecked they will skeletonize the entire leaf. You can try a hard spray with the hose or find an insecticide that works on them.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I agree with Seil on the last pic.
But I have no idea whats going on with those leaves in the other pics.
Hopefully someone will come along and let you know...

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Yes, rose slugs in the last pic. I don't see any deficiency symptoms. Rose mosaic virus is possible but not obvious--the second picture might be the "watermark" type of virus symptom.

Fine yellow stippling can be from spider mites or leafhoppers feeding on the underside. Spider mites are noticeable first on the old, lowest leaves.

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Rosecandy VA, zone 7

All but the last photo looks like a very mild case of what I had with my Paint the Town. My rose arrived (I ordered it online) with all but the very smallest and newest leaves looking sickly. They had some dark green on them but were full of lighter green spots and areas. I looked up Rose Mosaic but the leaves weren't yellow; they were green. I finally decided to just do my best and see what happened. I planted it, cut off all buds, kept it well watered, and waited. Gradually the leaves started turning all yellow and falling off, but after a couple weeks the rose started putting out new, beautifully green leaves. Now it has none of the old leaves and instead it has many new green leaves and it's doing wonderfully - it even has two new buds!

I think what happened was whatever the nursery sprayed it with before shipping it had a bad impact on the rose, and being shipped when the weather was hot for two days here didn't help (that wasn't the fault of the nursery; it's been hot for a couple months now and I asked them for immediate shipment).

I don't know if that's what's happening with your rose, but it looks very similar so I thought I'd share.

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Hrose(6 A)

the rose slug turned out to be a small green caterpillar I checked all other leaves and no sign of any kind of bugs whatsoever

Picture of healthy rose versus picture of none healthy both are same type or rose

first one is the healthy one you can see the leaves are much darker

none healthy one

I really think the problem is nutrition deficiency or over watering

ps both healthy and non healthy roses are growing vigorously

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I never heard of a nutrient deficiency producing speckled leaves.

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Hrose(6 A)

this is starting to look more like RMV hard to believe because they are own root roses

the new growth seems to be mostly affected

All except the last two pictures are own root Morden blush roses bought from wal mart

the last two pictures is a grafted Morden blush rose bought from a nursery all of them have similar symptoms on new growth

the ones I bought from wal mart I understand but the last one from a nursery is infected too? what the heck is going on about bad luck

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Hrose(6 A)

the problem might be Iron Chlorosis

The term chlorosis means a general yellowing of the leaves. Many factors contribute to chlorosis.

Iron chlorosis refers to a yellowing caused by an iron deficiency in the leaf tissues. The primary symptoms of iron deficiency include interveinal chlorosis, i.e., a general yellowing of leaves with veins remaining green. In severe cases, leaves may become pale yellow or whitish, but veins retain a greenish cast. Angular shaped brown spots may develop between veins and leaf margins may scorch (brown along the edge). [Figure 1]

Iron chlorosis shows first and more severely on the newer growth at branch tips. Growing leaves may be smaller than normal. Leaves may eventually curl, dry up, and fall. Fruits may be small with a bitter flavor. Mildly affected plants become unsightly and grow poorly. In severe cases or if iron chlorosis persists over several years, individual limbs or the entire plant may die.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I see no iron deficiency in those pics...

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Hrose(6 A)

what about Nitrogen deficiency The leaves are pale green compared to my other roses

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Nitrogen deficiency shows as a uniform pale green all over the plant, not mottled. If it is mosaic virus, new leaves produced in the heat of summer will show fewer symptoms or none.

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Hrose(6 A)

the plant is a pale uniform green compared to my other roses I posted a picture if you scroll up you will see it

its the heat of summer and the speckled leaves seem to be in full swing

its highly unlikely that its RMV I bought 6 of this rose 5 I bought from Wal-Mart which is shipped from USA and one from a local nursery which is made here in Canada and all are showing same symptoms w-ever it is its only affecting this rose type in particular

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Yes, I see the 10th image down is paler but not mottled. Possibly some nitrogen would make it greener, but, on the other hand, some roses just have darker foliage than others. Repeat-blooming roses need nitrogen added each year, though.

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"Own root" means nothing when considering RMV. If the plant from which the cutting was taken is infected, the own root plant will be, too. If the original stock of the variety is infected, until it is heat treated to remove the infection, every plant produced from it will also be infected. That was the original issue with many US roses produced in the middle of the last century. You can't find an uninfected plant if all the stock was infected to build the quantity of material required to introduce the variety. It finally became such an issue that it is much less likely to find newer roses infected, but it is by no means impossible. Kim

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