Great Dane model GDRZ25KHE

doogle45(5)October 23, 2013

had a small fire melted wiring harness and sam unit. repaired wiring harness replaced sam unit both coil packs ignition switch diode in harness and still no spark at spark plugs what am i missing about to stick a match to it please help with any suggestions other than c4

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it has kohler CV25S spec# 69528

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What part numbers did you use and were there any harness differences? Was the fire electrical in nature to begin with?

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not a electrical fire gas line broke .no new harnesses repaired the orignal with new wire of same type and size and colors had harness contectors off of another mower

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You should check part numbers plus compare if you were following the old harness from the other unit if that harness was identical. Kohler has different ignition systems on CV twins and don't the parts don't play the same game. I'm not exactly clear which harness you are working with. Was the diode perhaps in the harness that you repaired backwards?

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repaired harness as per wiring diagram for that great dane model diode is in the correct position according to wiring diagram.thanks for your help does the blue wire and the red wire going to the sams unit both get 12v to them.there is a blue red white that goes to the sams unit.

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