marquest(z5 PA)August 14, 2013

Home Depot has Goldflame Honeysuckle on sale.

Anyone have this one in their garden? Is it fragrant?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I never notice any fragrance on this one although some people say they do. It gets aphids and mildew in my garden too, but VERY nice if you can avoid those two problems!

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marquest(z5 PA)

Thank you kato. Home Depot has it cheap and I am looking for fragrant vines to go around the gazebo. I guess I will give it a try.

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Hi there

I think this might be the one I have (hard to say - it came with the house) but it looks identical to pictures I looked up. Anyway, never noticed a scent from it really. Good luck!

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Hi Marquest,

I only notice the scent when I walk by it at night. At night it's very pleasantly fragrant; not too overpowering.

You know how it goes though; different people have different experiences with the same plant in different gardens, yadda, yadda.

Best of luck!

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marquest(z5 PA)

Thank you, I picked it up. Good thing I am a night owl so I will smell it when it blooms.

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Some clones of Lonicera periclymenum are VERY fragrant in the afternoon in warm weather. I detected one while walking by the forest here, at a distance of 10 meters or so.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I've had a 'Goldflame' that was fragrant, and I've bought a second one that is much less so and the fragrance seems artificial to me, like perfume, which I don't care for. BUT....I had a hummingbird visit the yard briefly today and that was the plant she zoomed over to to get a little nectar before she zoomed off.

I would say, buy them when in bloom and test out the fragrance. I'm looking for a new one that is more fragrant too.

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