Need ideas for a new tree

ErikaJune 23, 2014

I live just west of St. Louis Missouri (zone 5b) and our Bradford Pear tree has sustained serious damage over the past two years due to storms and high winds. I know these trees are traditionally week and we are planning on removing it completely this fall. Once it's removed we want to plant the following spring, the question is what? I would like a stronger wood, moderate to faster growth rate (as this tree will provide the majority of shade for the front of the house which is west facing) and will need to take the full heat of the afternoon sun. I live in a typical suburban neighborhood, the kind with somewhat small yards and more concrete than grass (front yard approximations are 40'X30'). I would like to plant in the same location which will be about 15' from the house (center between the house and street). I do not want conifers but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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