Peerless hydrostatic transaxle

marty7October 2, 2006

I have a Stanley riding mower and the trans has stopped pulling. It makes a grinding noise and will not pull at all untill it sits for a while Then it will take off like it's fine for about 400 yards then stop pulling again. I would appreciate any help. It is a model 2000-002A Peerless


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tekumcman(Upstate SC)


The 2000 series has a seperate pump module and
differential. You have problems in the pump due to
low oil, or a viscosity problem caused by heat.
The pump is part# 794786 and retails for $345. You'll
find a rubber plug in top of the pump. You can remove
this plug and suck out (or pour) the oil that's in
there out. Replace with 730228A Tecumseh synthetic oil,
$7.38 qt. You'll need a couple of qts. The Murray
application tends to really build up dirt/debris on top
of these transaxles. If you don't pull the trans to do
this, clean if off completely BEFORE you remove the plug,
dirt can VERY EASILY get into the pump and're
in trouble. Try the new oil FIRST, and then....a new pump.
Let me know if it comes to buying a new pump, where you
are in N.C.....and I'll give you a nearby source for the


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I too have a Stanley mower with a Peerless transaxle.I am not sure which model but I noticed my mower was drastically slower at the end of last season.I had it serviced at an authorized dealer that charged $90.00 to basically tune it up.No matter how much gas I gave it the mower was way too slow.I used it at the start of this season and it completely quit.I think the non servicable trans has finally quit.I am very upset because it is only four years old.I don't know what to do now.Any advise?

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I too have a sick Stanley,,,drive quits when heading up hill...I replaced the drive belt last fall ( 88 inches long) ,,,can any of you gents tell me if 88inches is the correct length. It run great on the flats...I was wanting to get one more season out of it....thanks for you help guys.

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I had a similar problem with a Murray mower. I even took the hydro apart cleaned what little debris there was on the magnet and it still would only move about the same speed forward and back. There was no way to adjust the linkage since when pedal is all the way forward the lever on the hydro is at its limit because of a small dampening shock. I talked to the local lawnmower repair facility and he said just remove the shock. Only Murray and Honda use it anyway. I removed the shock and now it works like it did when I bought it new 4 years ago. By the way I mow 3 1/2 acres and pull a 60" swisher trail mower while mowing with the Murray so I cut a 7 1/2 foot swath at a time.
Happy as a hog in a bucket of slop.

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I got a murray riding mower that has some problems with transmission ( barely goes forward or in reverse with continuous grinding noise).
It's got Hydrostatic Peerless 205-024C, the mower was used very carefuly, so I have no idea what could cause this tranny to be going out...
Please, give me any sugestions on how it can be fixed?Should I take it apart first?
One of you mentioned something about removing the shock that fixed the problem, what kind of shock were you talking about?
I will appreciate any help!
Thank you all!

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Hey ikeup, I need to talk to u. I have a Husqvarna 2654 from Lowe's and I too pull a 60" Swisher, and I have a slowing down problem now. The mower is about 1 1/2 years old, and since I started pulling the Swisher (this season), it is stedily getting slower, to the point now that it will barely pull up a slope w/o the trail mower attached. They call this a lawn tractor, so I naturally assumed it would be fine to pull something with. What do you recommend? Anyone else? Thanks!!

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Why can't I get in touch with the person that builds this
peerless hydro transmission? John Deere doesn't seem to know what the problem is, and suggests a new or rebuilt tranny.
Problem: Tractor moves well for about 20 feet and then stops.
I have topped off the oil as sugested by John Deere without improvement.
Is it possible that the trans is too full?

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I have a Scotts mower model 46562x8 with a peerless 205-023b hydro drive which does not work any more. I think there may be a stripped gear because of the racket it made before it quit all together. Is there a substitute hydro drive I can get to replace the old model? There must be something close that will fit.
I would rebuild the old axle, but I guess there are no parts for it anymore.

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Maybe the input pulley has started to spin? You could bolt in various transaxles I'm sure. The price and the aggravation really worth it?

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The aggravation I feel is in not being able to find a crossreference for the different transaxles...and yes, the rest of the mower is in good shape including the deck. I will check the pulley, I never thought of that.

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Peerless 205-023B transaxles are famous (infamous?) entry level units. There was a bellows kit at one point that sometimes regenerated them if there was no mechanical damage.

If you took a second to Google "peerless 205-023b" the third hit would be...

They list the 205-023B as being available (their item # TEC799031) for $701.19 with shipping only $7.95

Not really that expensive if you want to resurrect your Scotts or you might want to put that money towards a new to you used LT/GT with more capability.

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Thanks, I had the tecumseh-peerless site all ready picked out. For that kind of money I'd just get another mower, which is what I probably will do.

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