windfall apples in compost pile???

chickadee__3a(z 3a Ontario)September 19, 2009

Someone just dropped off a huge bag of small windfall apples. Most have brown spots on and in them so I don't want to use them for jelly. Can I put them on the pile without worrying about disease being transmitted to whatever I put the compost on next year? Thanks for any advice.

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You will probably want to mix them up a bit and try to get the compost to heat up to make sure that if there are any "worms" (not true worms, but the larva that eat apples) die, especially if you have any apple trees. But windfall apples are fine to add to compost.

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Cut off the brown parts and use the rest for jelly.

Compost the brown bits like any other kitchen waste.

If you live in an area with bears ... bury the apples, well-mixed with dead leaves, as trench composting in your garden. Bears can track rotting apples for several miles by the smell.

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