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j0nd03June 23, 2013

I see this tree fairly commonly. The leaves are dark green on top and white underneath with alternate arrangement. The bark is creamy white in the top part of the tree and becomes pretty furrowed and dark near the ground.

I'm pretty sure this will be am easy ID with one pic but I can provide more if necessary.

The tree is also a prolific seeder.

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saccharum(z9 FL)

Compare Populus alba.

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Yep, that's a match. Thanks!

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

It is very unlikely that it produces viable seeds in AR or really anywhere in the US (except in the the upper Midwest and NE where it hybridizes with aspens). Rather, it produces numerous root suckers and can spread to form huge colonies. Erroneously, it has been banned in some states as a serious invasive species on the premise of seed production, which again, does not happen since almost all P. alba in those areas are female. They are quite rare here in FL, but do surprisingly well. I have a male clone that originated in AZ (probably from southern Spain originally) that makes a nice small tree, but does sucker like crazy.

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Interesting! The multitude of babies I saw extended to about 40' away from the parent tree on the other side of a manufactured home. The roots from the parent tree were certainly very likely in the area.

OTOH, there are 3 in a fencerow by my house that I can't imagine someone planted on purpose.

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beng(z6 western MD)

Must have a large climate-range. See occasional copses of them around here. Leaves are whitish when they emerge, and whitish undersides in the summer.

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