Questions about Gingersnap

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)June 15, 2006

I am wondering how well people like the Floribunda Gingersnap. I am especially wanting to know if she is a bloom machine and also if she stays orange instead of fading to shades of peach like Tuscan Sun, Outrageous and Playboy do.

I have noticed Gingersnap mentioned in the Favorite Florabundas thread but looking for more infornation if available. I am wanting an orange Florabunda that does not go peach to get something quite different from Tuscan Sun, Outrageous and Playboy. I do also already have a Trumpeter which is really nice in case someone wants to suggest that.


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shelleyh(z5 NY)

I want to know if Gingersnap is good for my zone which is 5 and if it isn't too late to plant it.

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geminidream(z5 E.WA)

Gingersnap is just lovely, one of my favorite floribunda's. Mine died over the winter so I replaced it as soon as I found one, loved it that much. The original had started out a #1 1/2 plant so it was a bit behind but made it through its first winter, a tough one. Bloomed its heart out last summer, stayed orange without fading and put on a few extra canes. But our winter was too dry, I think and the roots couldn't take it. Little or no fragrance for me, but then unless a rose is infamously smelly it doesn't seem to smell much in my yard. Wonder if it is my soil or microclimate?

I don't think it is too late to plant if it has roots. Give it plenty of B-1 throughout the summer to get new roots going and be sure to let it harden off without fertilizer from mid-August onward. If you have a grafted variety, of course bury that bud union at least 4". I think a zone 5 winter won't bother it unless it is a dry one.


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I really love Gingersnap. I will say though, that its dark orange color is better for me in cooler temps. But even in hotter temps, it stays true orange...just a medium orange. Repeats very well, and is not fragrant. And when I say dark orange, I don't mean reddish orange like Fragrant Cloud, etc. At its best, it's the most amazing true dark orange color...unique and gorgeous, particularly when paired with Sunsprite or Sunflare.

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Love it ! I have it on a pot on the patio across the pool from my back door, and the color is vibrant. It has bloomed constantly since I bought it in April. It has quadrupled in size in 2 months, nice and full and leafy and green. Absolutely no fragrance.

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stella_h(z9 Sunset 16)

Mine is only in its second year, but it blooms well. The bright orange flowers fade to a lighter shade of orange. They don't turn to peach.

They also last practically forever. I have some flowers that are practically white, but the petals just never drop.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Thank you everyone. The comments about Gingersnap all seem to be positive and I just couldn't resist. I bought three of them today. I love the color of those blooms, I just wanted to make sure they didn't fade to peach.

I still would like to hear any feedback on this rose even though I did already buy. Who can resist a beautiful rose in bloom? The three shrubs I got are nice and full and all loaded in buds just ready to bloom. I think I picked another winner!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I keep looking at the one open bloom on my Gingersnap shrubs and it is so gorgeous. I wish everyone could see it. It is unmistakably orange but with hints of something else. Tangerine maybe? Such a gorgous flower and It doesn't seem to me a large grouping of Gingersnap would be too much.

Now I have Trumpeter also blooming. Some call it red but I think its orange. Lovely flowers but I can't immagine planting a whole hedge of Trumpeters. Too much of a nice thing.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I planted my Gingersnaps today. I want them to be happy in their new home!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Another bloom opened on Gingersnap today. Hurray! Anyway it gives me something to compair the one already open bloom to this new one. The older one is still nicely orange but just a smidge paller than the new one. I have no idea how long that first one has been blooming as it was open at the nursery when I first saw the Gingersnaps on Thursday. I am really going to love this rose.

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

Gingersnap is a very hard rose to photograph. The color is so intense that only the most sophisticated cameras can capture it correctly. It fades to a luscious coral color which on it's own is still a very pretty rose. Mine is always in bloom, and it's the one people ask about the most... "what's that orange one?" The only other orange I have seen that is equally vibrant is Spice Twice. It's a different shade though, more neon and less orange juice.

Enjoy your wonderful bushes, you will grow to adore them!

Gingersnap with Veilchenblau

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

After I planted my Gingersnaps, which were covered in buds when I bought them, they bloomed for a long time. Didn't set any more buds though after they finished. I dead headed them and they just sat there. No new growth. Old growth looked good and healthy though so I figgured they were and are growing roots.

Now one of the three had put out new growth and a new flush. Blooming now and I remember why I liked this rose so much. Stunning orange color that is just hard to decribe. I keep going out to look at them.

The other two of the three shrubs still have done nothing as far as growth and rebloom. No really big deal as I am thinking they will be putting on a big show next year after they get a chance to get more established.

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Maryl zone 7a

Wonder how the disease resistance is on this?

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mike5953(7B NC)

This is my second season growing Gingersnap.
So far, its disease resistance has been similar to that of all my other floribundas in general, which is ok as long as I spray on a regular basis.
Last year it did a little better than the others, and this year it did a little worse.
ItÂs a great rose, especially if you like them orange.

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Maryl zone 7a

Thanks Mike.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

September was the last of the bloom on the Gingersnaps so that was it for them last year. I am hoping they rebloom much better this year. Of course, they were planted late in the year and hopefully spent time growing more roots.

I just LOVE the color of the blooms on this rose.

I am trying another very orange Floribunda, Charisma, this year so it will be interesting to see which orange Floribunda I wind up liking better.

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alameda/zone 8

Check out Vavoom. A lighter orange than Gingersnap. Mine is just covered in blooms right now, I adore this rose! Looks like Vavoom is going to be a winner too. It looks great next to Ebb Tide.

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Thanks for the report back, Rita. I am really glad you like the color. I do, too. I lost two new roses to winter in 2005-6, Double Delight and Gingersnap. At DW's insistence, I replaced them both, and planted them deeper. New Gingersnap is doing well, new DD didn't grow much last season.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Gingersnap had an awesome spring flush and the blooms do last a very long time in that lovely orange that I just love. Will soon find out about the rebloom. This is a rose I am very glad I had gotten.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

My Gingersnaps did very well last year and I just love, love, love that color. Now that they are established, I bet they do even better in 2008.

In fact I went for getting some more orange roses by ordering Orange Waves and Sunrise at Heirloom for this spring.

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I bought some gingersnap roses bareroot in 99 cents store on Mother's Day last year and it gave me lots of blooms the whole year. I had planted them in pots and now they have lots of leaves and have buds on them.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I think it one of the best true oranges, albeit darker.


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Wow, it's amazing to look back at this long thread and see my comments on Gingersnap from back in June of 2006. Not so much that I made those comments, more that they are still here on an active thread, LOL! One additional comment I'd make for folks with underperforming plants of it is that way back in 1998, I bought a body bag of Gingersnap when I was doing the initial expansion my rose collection, and it was truly awful. I ditched it. It took several years for me to work up the courage to try it again. My current plant of it is quite happy and pretty darned productive. It's not a total bloom machine, but it definitely holds its own and deserves a spot in my garden. Gingersnap is truly unique. The pic I saw of it on this thread as I scrolled back looks nothing like Gingersnap in real life. Gingersnap is a truly amazing deep orange. Anyway, my point is that if you have a sucky plant of it, you might want to try another one.


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I visited a rose garden quite by accident once, just driving along and saw all the roses. I rang the doorbell and the owners were quite happy to share with me. One of the most beautiful well-planned, organized and well-tended gardens I have ever seen and they did it all on 3-4 acres, built all the structures, laid out the various garden rooms and by the road, was the most beautiful bed of 34 ginger snap roses in all their glory. She only 4-5 beds of roses and in each bed, were roses all of one kind. One bed was gingersnap, one granada, and I cannot remember the others, but that gingersnap bed and the smaller bed of granadas about 12, were so outstanding. The rest of their garden was all done in native plants and herbs but the design was marvelous. I just happened on it in the country trying to find a restroom off the interstate in Georgia. Boy, do I have bravado when I have a full bladder. :)

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I just saw this at Lowe's today and it was gorgeous. I just wanted to see what ya'll had to say before I bought it. Sounds like a winner. i better go back and get it..

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Do those of you who grow Vavoom and Gingersnap think that they are too much alike? Can you describe the difference?

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Gingersnap roses should only be grown in full sunlight. Preferring moderately moist areas. It won't last in a plain water vase though. Otherwise its a great city rose, as it doesn't mind the pollution. It also doesn't have a preference of soil ph.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Secret Book of Roses

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OK now I have a rose that is either a Ginger snap or a Marina. I bought it at Home Depot and didn't realize that it didn't have an identifying tag on it. When I went back to the Depot they had a few left that had some buds on them (Still closed though)which had the brilliant orange color and the only identification on them were some with Gingersnap written on the side and the others with Marina again written on the side. None of them had a picture with them. I have written to the company, but they have not replied.

This has faded to the yellow base fanning out to the coral/red on the outside of the petals. It looks a lot like this picture I found of some Gingersnaps located at at a site I am not allowed to mention, email me and I can send you the picture. I am trying to figure out which one it is.


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I planter Gingersnap 2 years ago and I have no complains. It is a deep and vibrant orange that lasted 2 weeks but faded a bit when it rained 3 days straight. The best orange rose that I came across that holds its true color is Maria Stern. It is a full orange apricot non fading bloom with a very spicy fragrance. I love putting it with Ebb Tide, JFK and Golden Celebration

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This is Maria Stern

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I have vavoom next to ebb tide. Vavoom was new this year, and what a disappointment. Full of BS and mildewed terribly the last two months. Slower to repeat, and sets singles, no clusters. Has been sparse in blooms as well, but the bush has been quite vigorous. It will be dug out next fall if it doesn't drastically improve.

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I love my Gingersnap. It does fade after a while, going a soft pastel orange. While it's bright, though, it's BRIGHT.

It is a bit hard to photograph. I recommend a polarizer, it helps a little, and to photograph when it's overcast.

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Gingesnap was my first ever rose that got the shovel. Beutiful flower and lovely fragrance, but it had trouble to keep its leaves and got ENTIRELY naked soon after the spring flush. Here, it needs to be sprayed, perhaps regularly.

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I rented a home near san francisco, ca which had a Gingersnap in the garden, and I was impressed with how disease resistant it was where I lived. It had a very long bloom season for a modern rose, from late April through Halloween, or later and bloomed in spring, summer and autumn, and the blooms were a perfect color for Halloween. Very floriferous.


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