wheely_boyNovember 15, 2013

Did they close this forum? 966 posts on MTF since yesterday.

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It's still above water here. Maybe just the lull between seasons or something?

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I like the picture - pretty effective lawn mower, plus applies fertilizer as it goes.

Forum will come alive in early spring, when all the folks who left half a tank of un-stabilized gasoline in the lawn tractor start asking how to get running again. "When I parked my LT back in September, everything worked okay. Now it wouldn't even turn over until I replaced the battery. It cranks and cranks but won't start. It has plenty of gasoline that I left in it last fall. What in the world could have gone wrong?"

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That's right!
Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys and gals.

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Yep and Yep!

Almost finished with changing oil, adjusting, sharpening, repairing, etc. etc. so I'll be ready to rock and roll in the spring.

Happy Turkey Day all! Watch out for the dreaded "food coma" prevalent this time of year.


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No posts on a Saturday?? Even the Clematis forum had one post. MTF had 1048 posts.

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So your saying somehow the horizon looks different and someone said something about an iceberg? My drink is on the table yet and band is still playing so it can't be all bad... I've visited over there once or twice. Big forum. Little hard to find your place, but then again- I just have a small keyboard. Went back this AM to try and make sense of it. More coffee needed. Maybe I should just head into the shop and practice my tig. By the way. Bought one of your Cub Cadet hood ornaments off ebay, but I seemed to have washed all the hair off. Is there replacement hair available?

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Tom, you need to cut a deal with a local hair dresser. They can furnish you with as much replacement hair as you need/want.
Usually they are willing to let it go in exchange for help or maintenance on their clippers.
By all means, get some practice time in with your TIG welding.

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