Silver Sword Azela

marquest(z5 PA)August 26, 2011

Silver Sword Azela

Home Depot have these on sale for 4.00 so I picked up two. Just wondering.....

Anyone growing these? What is your opinion?

I know it is a shrub but from the stated mature size I would think people would use it in a flower garden as a low spring flowering perennial. It should do good with Spring bulbs and hiding the foilage after they bloom.

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Do you mean Azalea? Azalea is a rhododendron so it demands very acid soil. I doubt it would thrive in average soil.

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For the price, I'd be willing to risk it. I'd be a little more worried about the zone hardiness for this particular variety though - more than I would be about soil type. Probably be a good idea to mulch them well.

Azaleas/rhododendrons of some type or another are pretty common from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf states, through the South, the Mid-Atlantic, and on up through New England. We have some beautiful cold hardy types developed by the U of Minn that can withstand sustained cold to 40 below zero and some that will still set buds at temps below that. (Truth be told, these I have are much more interesting than the common fare every landscape in Maryland and Virginia had.) But that's just my opinion.

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Could the plant referred to be Astelia "Silver Sword"? Here's a photo.

In z5 Pennsylvania this would need to be grown as a temperennial and either brought indoors over the winter or discarded (from what I've seen, it's hardy only in zone 8 or further south).

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Should've Googled a bit further. There's a variegated azalea named "Silver Sword", also dicey on hardiness (rated to zones 6-9).

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marquest(z5 PA)

Thank you all for responding.

The planting zones maps say we are a zone 6 but we have some zone 5 winters so I usually stay on the safe side and go with zone 5. I could plant them close to the house and see if they survive. As duluthinbloomz4 said "for 4 bucks it will not be a great loss".

I will let you all know how it works out. I will be the test case. It is a pretty plant.

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I bought one about five years ago. It was not happy with my garden for some reason, dropped leaves, discoloring, etc. so I gave it to a friend who had a more shady spot for it. It's still not spectacular but it is alive. She said it bloomed better this year.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I went back to HD this weekend and all of them were gone. There will be a lot of test gardens in PA. They had about 50 of them. I guess everybody thought like me that for 4.00 give it a try.

They are gallon size and look very healthy. As I said I will see how they perform. I will put one in some morning sun and one in deep shade in a protected spot against the house.

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