Tree leaves turning fall colors

gardenapprenticeJune 3, 2012

Two of my trees (cornus florida, and kwanzan) are beginning to have orange/yellow colors on leaves. Some are brown and get blown by the wind. They were planted in mid-late April. Is this a disease, or is it just leaf scorch? I dug up some of the mulch because cornus floridas don't like mulch at their trunks, and i just pushed it aside. When I did it is it possible it may have dried up a bit? I don't really water it which i penalize myself for. I just don't want these beautiful young trees to die.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

transplant shock

increased by probably doing slightly out of proper planting time .. and i bet fully leafed out ...

and intensified by lack of proper water thru THE WHOLE ROOT ZONE ... as the heat of summer is hitting ...

how you jump to bugs or disease after all that is .... i dont know



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famartin(z5 NE NV)

You say that you don't want to lose these new trees... but you also say you haven't been watering them. Well, what is it gonna be? Either water or risk their death.

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My very beautiful Japanese Maple (large tree-well established for 20+ yrs) appears damaged. We had a freak late snowstorm in April, just as it was leafing out. The leaves seemed to come in orange, when they are normally green, and turn orange in the fall. They are also curled and have scorched patches. Is it just this weather or is it really sick? Thanks for any advice-I'm crossing my fingers that it is ok!

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Just curious if the OP's trees were still dormant in April when planted.

I live across the line in Z 7 NORBAM, and this March was absurdly warm. Everything popped early and then it got dry.

FWIW, in the TN Valley, I have had best results with late fall dormant planting, even from fall up to late Feb. Anything after Feb. seems to be labor/water intensive.

Human planted dogwoods are labor/water intensive around here too-- for a season or three. OTOH, that cherry tree should just grow like a weed, assuming it's got water. Mine grew so fast I got worried they would be well to big for the spot and pulled them after two seasons.

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thanks for the advice guys, I inspected some bradford pear's and other trees, lots having brown spots and leaves falling out, it was so warm in march and then the severe weather cooled and dried the climate, I'll just wait until next year to decide on another d-wood tree

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I would also advise considering removing the bradford pear tree, unless you are attached to it.

They do grow quickly and have a nice shape, but:

- they stink when they bloom (locker room)
- they like to split, unless you are an artist with a chainsaw and cherry picker and can prune them well after they get big
- southern t-storms eat them for lunch, I delight in seeing them split and fallen on my way to work after a big downburst only to feel sad for the property damage they are prone to cause
- I am not saying you have one, but the "callery pear" line has become a weedy invasive in the middle south, in spite of assurances most are sterile, where I live, there are acres and acres where they have taken over, like the borg. It's as scary as kudzu and smells horrible.

Best of luck though. I'm sure you'll find it's fun and engaging to plant and grow whatever trees you end up with, even if it sometimes goes wrong.

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