Free Tractor??

rustyj14(W/PA)November 12, 2010

Went to Fire Co. work nite, last evening, got lots of thanks, hand-shakes, and friendly banter, about my war-time service! Met a new local resident, who had bought his home from one of my customers. He asked me if i knew anybody who hauled away old lawn tractors. Of course, i told him i'd do it for him. (heh, heh!)

He said the former owner had left it for him. Said it wouldn't start, come get it, free! (It ran well a month ago.)

Well! I've been known to do that, so i'm going to go get it!

And, the guy asked me what make to get to replace it. I told him i would buy a Craftsman, but he allowed he was thinking Green. Lots a luck fellow. All of the Green Dealers have gone away from this area. A 40 mile drive to one is necessary, and they only stock farm tractor parts!

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Well, it starts but quits right away. It has the front mount fuel pump on the twin cylinder, so i have to check all of that. Battery is recharged, will check other things. Has grass bagger on back. Will work for leaves.
Wish me luck!

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Go for it Ole Timer lol :)

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Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence, whipper-snapper! ;

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I tried a fuel pump kit, but it still won't stay running, so back to the drawing board! Wife wants me to take her shopping, so off we go!

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If 1st you don't succeed try ..try ..again Rusty ! Did you check the carb inlet from the auxiliary fuel pump to ensure it's priming the carb RJ ?

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Ewalk: I can't find any other kind of fuel pump except that durn thing that i am having trouble with. Could i by-pass it and install a vacuum operated pump? I have several of that type, used, in stock.
See my other most recent post, asking for a page that shows how the stock pump re-assembles.
I suppose, if all else fails, i could maybe change the whole intake manifold from a parts engine, which i have 3!
Or, is the manifold part of the engine block casting? (It would be just my luck!
Thanks for any help: Rusty

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Rusty , not a lawn tractor expert , but my thinking is you could try a impulse form of pump . The down side would be that the fuel delivery may be insufficient and could lean out the fuel ratio and cause over heating or lean burn issues. Knowing your experience you will have a impulse unit from a similar HP unit for trial and error . As you have indicated some intake manifolds are cast within the engine block design on some small lawn mower tractors. Let us know how you make out Bro :) .

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I will remove the whole carb, and rebuild it on the card table in the garage. That way, i will be able to control all of those teeny parts especially the little coil springs. I just looked at it, and found i can remove the carb as a unit. I didn't know i could do that. I'll scarf up all of the parts i need, and go to it!
The tractor is in fairly good condition, and has the big bagger on the back. I know it ran well 2 months ago, as i installed a new choke cable on it, for the P.O.
And, a man called tonight, and said he has a chipper for me to haul away. I'll be chipper rich! Maybe i can do a package deal on both.
I turned down a repair on a Homelite Leaf blower, for the starter rope. I tried one, and they are a real nightmare! Well, winter is near! Got chilly today. Got to buy some kerosene for the stove. Keeps the garage toasty.

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As i stated in my other post, i took a carb off an identical engine, stuck it on the engine, and it starts and runs well. Reassembled the hood and side panels, have to adjust the tie rod ends, and it'll be done tomorrow!

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Well there you go Rusty the KISS Approach Paid Off Cudo's Bro !

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