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wantonamara Z8 CenTexAugust 5, 2014

Here is a good article on the many varieties of Texas Ranger, that plant with many names. Ir was written for Dallas in mind but gives good info. Mine have been blooming up a storm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas Sage

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My established one really took a hit last winter with some top kill. It had gotten so tall that I'd planned to trim it back 1/3 so things weren't so bad but it took its time recovering and fully leafing out. All seems fine now and it finally bloomed, 1st time just last week. The small ones died back to the roots, probably all from that one dip down to +3 degrees or some such ridiculous temp. but after April or somewhere there abouts, they came around, whew! Green Cloud blooms more often and heavier than the silver leaf one but I had to take him out (sob) since it was down by the street turning into a giant. I didn't know they got THAT big.

I looked at the article, the one called Silver Cloud sounds like the one I'd really want. I'm going to google to see if there's any sources. Its sold locally around here but I haven't shopped plants the whole season outside of the one sale I went to and trips to Farmer's Market. We don't have the variety like you's guys down in Texas.

The woman up the street dug all hers out real early. Duh. I did a serious eyeball roll since she didn't give them a chance to see if they'd made it through or not. She replaced them with--of all things--- Stella D'oro (?) Day Lillie's or what ever the heck they are called----Gads! Like all this city needs is more Stella D. L's. like you see in nearly every formal office planting situation.

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But Tex, the Stellas will come through any winter (lol)...yeah, interestingness was lost :)

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Some of us garden like we pick at scabsâ¦."Are we dead yet?"â¦.Ooops still bleeding. It's dead now. I need more Texas rangers. There are a lot down here but some are not common here either. The hard part is picking.

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Campanula UK Z8

Yep, I am one of those shameful types....and I confess, that having sown, grown and fussed over a plant, I can heartlessly fling it on the neglect pile (where it may survive through sheer dogged persistance and thereby earn itself a permanent place in the garden). I am all care and loving attention until that climactic blooming, then, like a shameless trollope, I have a cigarette and roll over and go to sleep.

I should say that I am feeling the lethargy particularly today, forced to stand in the gloomy yard watering in the rain BECAUSE MY WHOLE GARDEN IS AN INSATIABLE POT GARDEN (I know, I am ranting)....but I absolutely hate container gardens.... When I started out, this was all I had and consequently, I poured love and adoration into 36square metres of pernickety plants in far too many tiny pots. This autumn, if I do nothing else, they are banished to the ground where they can live (or die) out of my immediate vicinity.

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barron, if I see one more S. Day Lily I will vomit. We ought to do a thread on over-planted plants. Currently the big new sexy plant on the scene are the gaudy stripedy yellow/green Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard', so much better than the natural nature-made soft & subtle glaucous blue ones. I figured some hosta breeder must have gotten into the act of breeding yucca's and walla! --I googled it -- low and behold the culprit is Paul Aden aka "Mr Hosta". He is the person responsible for all these hundreds of fakey looking banana colored yuccas showing up every few feet in this city. Like mushrooms they are appearing, one day there were none, now they seem to be in every yard and median singularly or even worse, in formal groupings of stripey banana color screaming for attention.

Remember the Bradford Pear invasion? Most have been decimated or culled out by wind and ice but there was definitely a danger hanging over the city of becoming a forest of those 'perfectly shaped, well behaved' trees that simply everyone had to have.

Then there are the Knock Out roses.........

I could go on.

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duplicate post

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