black tree protectors too hot?

linda888June 30, 2014

We have a couple of new trees (a sugar maple and a flowering crabapple). Last year we planted some new trees and the deer killed them. So today my husband went and bought this stiff plastic piping stuff that he cut a slit in and put it around our new trees. But I am worried because it is black and I'm afraid that it will overheat the tree. Is that something to be concerned about?


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Yes, the bark needs some sunlight. It can get damp and moldy and hot inside that plastic tube, and the bark can get soft and start coming off. That's why I use chicken wire or window screen, and I put it on very loosely.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i used the same for 4 years on one inch oaks.... with no problems related to them ...

i went 4 feet from ground up ... just in case we got 4 feet of snow.. lol..

the worst problem i had.. was getting them off w/o scarring the bark ...

they are now.. 10 years later.. going on 20 to 30+ feet ...

i think you are overthinking it all ...


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Thanks Ken and Nurseryman. I will monitor.

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This year they are gone for now, but watch in fall, them army worms/tent cattapillars hide inside these trunk protectors. Many years ago, I had a young oak with a trunk plastic wrap around thing, and after I removed it, there were a whole bunch of them army worms on the trunk with slimy stuff on the bark. I don't think the tree died, but can't say for sure it didn't, the site of it made me itchy.

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I guess using a bug spray or BT as a preventative would solve that problem.

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