A nice JD tractor gift.

rustyj14(W/PA)November 22, 2012

A feller stopped in a couple weeks ago-asked if i take old used lawn tractors! Since I am not a bone-head (My opinion, not that of others) I told him I'd take it. So, i got it home, and still can't find out what is wrong with it! It runs, drives, mows, tows a cart, goes up hill well, battery good, ????

I even called the guy! His wife answered, and when i asked her why he gave the tractor away--she said it doesn't go up hills very good! HMMMM!

Well,in all of my lawns and yards (There is a difference)it hasen't shown any reluctance to going up their slopes and hills. I'll probably replace the main drive belt this winter as it looks well worn. And, since my other machines are much older, i think i'll keep it.

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txtom50(8a texas)

Maybe he just wanted a new toy and that's the story he told his wife.

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Well, yes, that occurred to me, too. So, it'll get a good refurb, possibly a new main drive belt, and some TLC.
Since my other machine is getting long in the tooth, it will be for back-up use, and the JD will work in its olace. Then there is the JD/Scotts tractor that refuses to start, and the old Toro/Wheel-horse that does, So, i won't be stuck without mowing machines for a while.

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