Full House

windcatcherNovember 22, 2010

My small collection of goodies:

Left to Right photo wise: 1977 Chevy Nova, 1975 1200 Cub Cadet, 1950 Farmall Cub with 3 pt hitch & split hydraulics, 2000 Landlord Dlx, 2007 Matrix.

Let's see what blossoms here. Geez, on the preview it works.

I'm getting better than I thought I was.


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Love that Farmall , especially with that Cow Catcher Grille..lol :)

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Very nice family you have there. I too am partial to IHC stuff as I worked for Harvester in the 1970s (Trucks though).
But since I grew up around a few old Red Belly Ford tractors, I've been known to get all misty eyed at a well turned old Ford gal once in a while too :^)

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Thanks for the compliments guys. The Farmall Cub as well as the Cub Cadet were restorations - works of love so to speak.

RustyJ of esteemed elegance, helped me find a "new" front end for the Farmall Cub back in 2005. I remembered him writing about a tractor bone yard in his area, and I contacted him through here. (I had a different logon name back then).

Long story short, I had a front end clip shipped to me from Rusty's area because of his generosity and help. Thanks again Rusty! I owe you a cold brewsky.

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Nice family ya got there. I once had a '77 Nova, have an '04 Matrix now (best motorized shopping cart I ever had) ... my 1950 tractor was a Ford 8N. I'll bet that Farmall didn't come with such a comfortable seat! But the closest I can come to the Cadet is a 1979 Economy. Nice country in the background.

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Windcatcher , Yeah where did you find that Ergo Seat Bro lol !

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Seat came from Agri-Supply in Garner, NC.

It was on sale, and I needed something with back support. So, there it is. I still have the original pan seat in case someone wants to take it back to original.

It'll probably stay the way it is as long as I own the tractor which should be for quite some time.

I really like the utility of this Farmall Cub. Since it has a 3 point hitch on the rear and split hydraulics for front and rear, it is a small version of the Super A so to speak.

It also sports a 12 V negative ground Pertronix Electronic Ignition so I don't have to fool with points and condenser any more. This thing fires right up when you pull the ignition rod.

I do have to be very careful to make sure it is out of gear if I'm trying to start it from the standing position. Any mistakes on my part, and I'm running after a moving tractor!

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W/C: Nice Set up Bro , looks like you have Life by the Tail ..Cudo's :)

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