how many plants are you 'holding over' right now?? -- newbie hint

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5August 5, 2011

and how many of them are you still holding since last year.. lol ...

i like to say: just because you buy it .. it doesnt mean its time to plant it ...

so sooner or later.. you learn to 'hold them over' until the next proper planting time ... which for me in MI is mid to late september ...

so .. fess up.. how many pots do you have laying around???

i have 8 hosta since last spring [15 months ago].. and 3 more from this year.. and a pot of lilac i borrowed, with permission from a door i knocked on ... and a dozen picea pungens from 4 years ago.. that i should just throw out.. lol ...


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I got all of mine planted. Yay! I lucked up because it's raining and cooler after I planted my dollar rack finds. I try to time my plantings with the cloudy and rainy days.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I have four hosta, three exochorda, seven ajuga, a black chokeberry, and a $10 rhododendron from the "no guarantees and will probably die" sale section of the nursery. It is actually looking much better now than when I bought it two weeks ago!

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

Oh my. I am so bad about buying or accepting plants as gifts when I do not yet know where they go. I am starting to get caught up (which means that two weeks ago this number was higher) but I currently have sitting in pots on my driveway, patio, and porch:

3 hosta
3 geraniums
4 brunnera
1 dianthus
1 delphinium
4 phlox
2 spirea
6 pulmonaria
3 campanula
1 echinacea
1 shasta daisy
24 strawberry plants

And I'm sure there are more I've forgotten.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am surprised you guys are actually planting in august ... whats that all about ... and in higher zones than mine ...


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tepelus(6a SW MI)

A few hundred (mostly in 2 1/2" pots, plants I grew from seed) all waiting for a bed to get tilled and amended. I'm running out of patience with my help to get this done. I want all of the plants in the ground during my vacation in less than two weeks, but I doubt that'll happen if I can't get the bed prepared. Sigh.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Not planting yet. Holding for fall-it got hot and dry too fast this year, so I am just watering the pots that were delivered in June...or was it May-before school let out anyway.

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I winter sowed lots of new-to-me perennial seeds and got excellent germination on most, though not all. I should probably be glad about the ones that didn't germinate 'cause there are 158 gallon-size pots of lavender, rudbeckia, dianthus, Echinacea, lady's mantle, baptisia, blackberry lily, boltonia, hypericum, columbine, penstemon, Russian sage, spirea and globeflower, among others, on my breezeway waiting to be planted out.

I haven't planted anything the past few weeks because of the heat and lack of rain. I generally wait until the second half of September/early October when the sun is less intense and there's often a better chance for rain, to get things in the ground before winter. Whatever doesn't get planted out then goes into storage bins lined with newspapers inside my garage until spring.

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Aren't pots of perennials handy for tucking in here & there?

I have several pots of serbian bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana) brightening up the patio pots that I'll remove once out of bloom. I keep some primrose in ground in summer, but pot up in fall to tuck under the cover of the porch to bloom in late winter near my front door out of the rain.

I have seedlings of Hellebores on a 3 tiered plant stand away from slugs (I hope) as well as starts of Corydalis lutea, and various groundcovers in pots waiting for the fall rains to come before I plant out back. I have some hosta from a trade waiting to grow up a bit before planting out as they were some of those Costco bagged ones that make me a bit leary of disease.

Then of course some other hardy plants I winter sowed that are punky & waiting around for me to get to 'em.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm jealous, echinaceam, but I hope we have rain soon here. It's very thundery right now and it should rain as I spent half the day watering.

I only have one plant I am holding, and that is a red flowering peach tree. It was pricey, for me, but I have been diligent with watering.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Around 25 (maybe a few more) various cuttings and seedlings from winter sowing. The ws seedlings were so pathetically tiny that I decided to re-pot so they could bulk up for fall planting.

You can plant pretty much anything in summer as long as you are willing to water several times a day and shade the new plant I find...

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I only have a few - 2 roses, 2 russian sage, 2 salvia "wild thing" and one butterfly bush. They are all replacing things that either croaked during the winter or because of the winter. My poor deodar cedar that suffered so badly from our harsh winter pushed a bunch of new growth this spring but the intense heat of this summer dealt it a death blow and it is brown and crunchy now - replacing it with the russian sage which will do better in that intensely sunny and hot spot. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit....too hard on the plants to plant now, not to mention the gardener.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I got most things in this spring,it stayed cool until nearly the end of June. Right now I only have 3 heuchera and 1 hosta waiting to be planted.

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ken_adrian wrote:

"i am surprised you guys are actually planting in august ... whats that all about ... and in higher zones than mine ..."

I have had no problem planting or transplanting during the summer...all that is needed is great soil and more importantly daily on-going watering until one sees signs of new growth.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh, forgot the three fothergilla tucked away.

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I plant Russian Sage in the summer. It's so tough! Water it in good and forget it! I think it might be my current favorite plant.

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Like echinaceamaniac I dared as well ~ very early AM *Strike while the iron is hot* could be both our middle names! Sank in 3 OSO Easy babes, one continued the non-stop blooms in a matter of days thru the H~E~A~T~W~A~V~E I did cheat & used landscaping sun-screen fab. Yesterday we sank in 5 Shenandoah Switch Grass ~ Ma Nature did the deep watering ~ poured down & followed by intermittent dousing all day & today is misty ~ what luck!!!

Awaiting w/ much anticipation arrival of 2 more Paprika & 4 Mango Salsa OSO Easy as soon as temps drop more.

Unexpectedly we had to cut down a huge limb-breaking/dropping very old Crabapple tree ~ Mighty Sun burned the entire Hosta plantation ~ given all away to willing diggers!

I wish all oven-hot gardens the same blessings we're receiving w/ a good 80s week ahead!!!

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I just planted the agastache' Apricot Sunrise' I had in a pot, it's been kicking around since last fall. This is one tough little cookie it came though one of the worst winters we've ever had in a gallon pot with no protection.
Still have a Hosta, a couple of maidenhair ferns and one echinacea I bought last fall from a 'lost my tag rack' looks like it might be a short one, time will tell no flowers yet.


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I'm happy to report...none! I buy 'em, I plant 'em.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

3 less tonight than this morning!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I used to hold plants but always ended up with troubles like encircling roots, roots grown out of the drain hole into the ground, and plants that never grew once they finally got planted. I don't buy plants I'm not ready to put in the ground. Cuttings go in the ground as soon as they are rooted. The only plants that don't make it are those that get stepped on by canine helper or veto'd by the squirrels.

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Got one Tiger Eye sumac, one variegated Japanese maple, three pots of veronica Blue Bomb, and a flat of seedling hostas that are probably no-account green things, but they will fill spots in the lower woods where I won't risk feeding my high-dollar babies to the deer.

There are a slew of plants I need to move, but I'm waiting for a little bit cooler temperatures (not necessarily for the plants, I can water them, but for me!)


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

One. I am shocked at (or is it with) myself! I planted everything that I bought. I didn't buy any more and I've even weeded everywhere. I think I got someone else's get up and go. The magnolia Susan will go in the ground after a good soaking and will have a good soaking as needed.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

yeonasky ~ if you've finished with my get up and go will you please send it back to me toot sweet, I'm just starting to dig out an overgrown bed full of couch grass and I need desperately :)


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Not a chance. ;)

Wellll maybe, just maybe, we can share.


You can have it back for a few days. I have to decide if the m Susan will give off too much shade, before I plant her where I was thinking of, so I need that get up and go once I've done my measuring and thinking.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

1 Japanese Full Moon Maple
1 Umbrella Pine
1 Gold Arborvitae
1 Stewartia Pseudocamelia
1 Abies Koreana 'Silberlocke'
1 Picea Pungens 'Walnut Glen'
3 Streaked Hosta seedlings (DBxOP) that I winter sowed
About 20 more Hosta that are destined for two beds that are almost finished in terms of preparation.


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Steve, your collection waiting to be planted is worth more than stocks.
Saturday I got in 6 hosta in the pouring rain. Easier said than done since involved many trips to get buckets of compost, back and forth to the hose, and heaving really crummy soil from the planting hole a distance away (kill weeds by smothering with sandy soil)Somehow I couldn't get myself organized to fill an entire wheelbarrow with compost or find one of the many turn-off valves we own to make watering easier. I'm sure I planted because this post was lurking in the conscience part of my brain.(which part is that?)
At least 6 shrubs to go.
idabean/aka Marie

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I pushed hard to get my wintersown stuff in so I could relax in the August heat wave with little hand watering to do. Butt I ended up with holding a few things over

3 baby Eastern redbuds
6 Tacoma Maya gold (4 of them for giveaway this fall)
6 Great blue lobelia that are in the ground but must be relocated
4 slow-to-take-off prairie splender coneflowers (faster growing sidlings are already planted)
1 yellow flowering trumpet vine cutting destined for an outdoor pot
2 straberry foxglove seedlings in the same boat as the coneflowers
2 mallow mauritania from over generous germination that I just don't know where to plant

This is much better than last August, but they will have to wait until cooler weather now for their survival and mine.

I did plant two hardy plumbago pots last week end. But that means special watering until the rains come, which has not been happening in my garden, even when the resat of the area gets an inch of rain.

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Just prepped a new bed. Ready to plant 2 of each and waiting on cooler weather
Dianthus coconut punch
Dianthus telstar scarlet
Amsonia Blue ice
Moss Phlox scarlet
Coreopsis Show stopper
Penstemon Husker red
Helianthus low down
Campanula glomerata alba
Echinacea pow wow

Will also eventually add Gaillardia Gallo peach and a couple of other echinacea to this bed.

Just planted in another bed
Hosta Patriot
Sedum Autumn Charm (variegated autumn fire)

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I forgot about the 5 pots of red dwarf lilies that I bought on sale for .50 ea after they were done blooming. I really just wanted the bulbs, lol!

I plan to plant everything tomorrow in the nice cool weather.

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Amazingly enough I don't have anything waiting to be planted. I did have to get a few things in the ground this spring that were from last year. I've bought a few plants this year but have spent more time moving things around and ripping things out. Some things have grown larger than I planned for, some were butt ugly and needed composting, some were just in the wrong spot.

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I have 3 hosta sitting on my deck waiting to be planted..But here's the best, I bought for the first time ever a mandavilla plant in late April early May.Never got around to actually planting it so it sat on my deck next to a wrought iron chair and..yes it is thriving growing very nicely through the wrought iron chair.. It is a sight to behold.. LOL

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

ken, your head would literally explode if I showed you pics of what I've planted in August so far.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Too many. I had to remove plants from a large holding bed and don't have new beds to put them in as it has been too cool & wet or hot & wet here all summer to make new beds. And just where will I put a long bed for lilies, daylilies and mums/asters?

More will be potted up when we redo the driveway this fall but those will go back into the same beds. Other plants are being removed as beds are reconfigured due to construction of a new deck late last fall.

Visitors took home 6 plants today and I have more to give away or sell this fall.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Too many. As usual. Most from a mid June stop at a nursery in another state I passed through. I did get some of the backlog planted about a month ago, but then several died from too much rain. I've lost even established plants this year from too much rain. I just checked the group of pots today, and some quart sized ones have died. Cerastium tomentosum. They looked fine a few days ago, so not sure what happened. They like it dry, so maybe even in the pots, and raised up on the deck, they drowned.

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I got everything planted that was waiting, and moved some of the hostas......but now there is a rhododendron waiting, to replace one that died in the heat this summer. And I have a spot for three big eastern snowball bushes, divisions of a big one, that are going to wait to be moved in October or November. It's the never-ending plant conveyor belt. The just keep coming!

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

We've had our first cool day in many weeks, and this whole week is going to be more of the same. Time to get those little pots emptied and their contents planted in the garden, if I can just decide where . . ?? I've probably got at least 50 small pots of native perennials, native grasses, etc. as well as some lovely potted oriental lilies bought for 1/2 price after blooming. Glad I'm not the only one with a "pot ghetto" on my patio.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well ... did you get them all in last fall ...

did you learn this lesson ... or do you still have a large collection of plants for this spring


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I plant all winter...but then I'm not zone5 either ;) For me, the best time is mid fall through earliest spring (April being about the end).

I planted a sweet bay magnolia last week, a fringe tree, and a possumhaw yesterday. I plugged in about 10 container grown perennials (some from my own late summer sowing) also yesterday.

Everything has been experiencing freezes and frosts, so all are hardened off, though still, the ground is the best place for them.

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Campanula UK Z8

obviously, I haven't learned a fecking thing since there are MORE pots and stuff lying about despite my avowed intent to plant them (and it is not as if I am challenged for space either). A whole heap of tree seedlings are facing the prospect of another year in pots, another autumn has been and gone and it is certain death to plant in my rooty, waterless woodland in spring...and anyway, the hundreds of seedlings will be appearing any day now....sigh, it is endless and I have been so slack this winter.

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