Excessive Maple Helicopters

boonikki29June 2, 2014

We moved into this house June 1st of last year and I don't recall having enough seeds drop to even be noticeable let alone being completely covered. We have so many helicopters...constantly sweeping and cleaning gutters to no avail. Is there something that causes them to drop more some years than others? Also...we planted a young 6' Ginko last year. We had a late frost and the leaf tips are black. Being hearty trees, I'm guessing it will recover?

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

The Ginkgo should recover fine but might look tattered for a while this summer.

As far as the maple - stress could cause a heavy seed crop, but perfectly healthy maples do tend to have "on" and "off" years - some years producing an astonishing number of seeds, and very few the next. What kind of maple is it? Does it look healthy (no large dead branches or visible decay or damage)?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

in trees... it is know as a mast years ... usually referring to nuts... but i dont know why it would matter .. a fruit is a fruit ...

as for the ginko ... an otherwise healthy tree will releaf ... but it can take a while.. be patient ...

but that presumes an ESTABLISHED tree ... and your is not.. one year after planting ... it shouldnt make a difference but there may be other stresses due to the planting.. that might throw a loop in the process ...


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Yes I have noticed the same thing. Last fall our sugar maples dropped many thousands of seeds all over the property and this spring nearly all of them germinated in our driveway, sidewalk, garden beds, lawn, etc. I have never seen so many maple seeds. Our gutters were filled with them last fall. I cleaned gutters about 5 or 6 times due to maple seeds.

Now it's time for our silver and red maples to drop their seeds too, so round #2 of the "maple invasion" has started lol.

I think most trees produce heavy seed crops every few years and it runs in cycles. Last year our hemlock was covered in cones. Every branch was loaded. This year, I see about 20 cones total so far on the entire tree.


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