Down East Maine: botanical points of interest.

subtropixJune 17, 2014

I know there are gardening forum sites for travelers, but I thought I would post this here because this forum sees a lot of traffic (no pun intended). In July, I will be taking a road trip to 'Down East' Maine (Bar Harbor and vicinity), from NJ. What are some botanical side trips worth taking along the way from Massachusetts and points north?

I know about Arcadia National Park, it us on my list.

Thanks in advance.

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Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens!!

Here is a link that might be useful: CMBG

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Definitely Coastal Maine Botanic Garden, one of the finest in the East. Also Asticou Gardens and Thuya Gardens in Northeast Harbor. Lyle Littlefield Gardens at the U. of Maine in Orono.

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I third Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens as well as Acadia National Park! We took a vacation in 2012 and visited both of those. Loved every second! We spent four days in Bar Harbor. The downtown area is A+ They had golden chain trees blooming when we visited in June 2012. They were beautiful. I hear they can be hard to grow, even in the east. In Bar Harbor, they have escaped cultivation and are growing along the roadways.

There is also a market you just HAVE TO visit. I'm trying to find a pic I took with the name of the establishment on it. They make pastries, deserts, and sandwiches fresh daily and the quality is top notch. It is about halfway between Freeport and Bar Harbor. I'll return with a pic if I can find it.

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Harvard U's Arnold Arboretum, stop on your way up or back down 95.

Here is a link that might be useful: arnold arboretum

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I found it! If you are taking the coastal/scenic route to Bar Harbor, I would make this place the same level priority as visiting the CMBG =)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Market Basket

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Oh, one last thing. If you do plan to partake in some Acadia National Park activities, the carriage ride was the highlight of our time in Bar Harbor. We did several things in the park and in Bar Harbor but that was our favorite. You will also be surrounded by dense forest the whole time (a couple hours I think). There are some really neat trees to see, some large pines that grow straight out of rock! There is also a series of active streams and the forest understory is also full of beautiful ferns. I enjoyed this from a botanical perspective almost as much as CMBG.

Hope you guys have a great time with whatever you choose to do!


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