Ugh! I just don't want to do this!

mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)August 18, 2013

The renovations are starting this week and do you think I got all that stuff dug up while I was on vacation? HA! I just don't want to be bothered with it. I dragged myself out there yesterday evening and in about 3 hours got the pottery taken care of on the patio and about 1/3 of the bed areas where I need to get cleared/plants saved. I'm going to slather myself with sunscreen and head out there in a few minutes, but I only have about 5 hours today. I doubt it will all get done. Maybe a couple hours after work tomorrow.

My biggest problem is I just don't feel like digging up all that stuff, it's a lot of work. I feel guilty scrapping all the plants, though, and can't afford to replace all of it, and I do have a LOT of nice stuff. I am going to give away some of the plants, though. While I was out there yesterday I realized I need to make some changes - a lot of this stuff has been in place for 10+ years and can use some re-design/re-arranging. So it's a good project in that sense, having to dig is forcing me to thin out stuff, toss others. But man all this work is a drag....

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

It does sound like pretty dismal work especially at this time of the summer. I don't envy you. But think of the fun you're going to have replanting this area and all the changes you can make if that's what you want to do.

I cleared out a long, narrow bed earlier this summer, but didn't replant it yet. A few things will go there this fall, but the majority of the planting will be done next spring. It's really fun having a long stretch of time to do the planning. Hopefully, I'll get it kind of right the first time and won't make some horrendous mistakes like one does when they're rushed.


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karin_mt(4 MT)

This is just the kind of thing where paying a high school student to help dig helps a lot. I use that tactic for my least favorite task which is weeding the $%#@ gravel paths.

Good luck MXK! I hope you manage to rally and save most of your plants.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

I'm with you on that. It is so much work to dig out entire beds, especially if there are a lot of plants. We're replacing the picket fence this fall, so before that project begins I'll be digging out a lot of plants. But on the bright side, now I'm thinking of a revamp of 2 of the long beds. They've been in for over 10 years and I'm ready for a bit of a change, so I'm sort of looking forward to the project.

Just think of how satisfied you'll be once the project is over and you have a whole new bed the way you now envision it. You'll be happy the work forced you to dig everything up.

Good luck with everything! I hope you got a lot done this afternoon. Hope you can post before and after pics for us!

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You could always go for speed tonight/tomorrow and just dig and toss in large garbage bags, then sort/save as you have time.

I'm not sure where in Michigan you are, but I know at least one person (a relative of mine) who just bought a house and would probably love to come and rescue some of your plants that are about to be trampled/bulldozed/whatever.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Well, I got more done than I thought - it's all done except a few bergenia and one hosta, wow! I could have gotten those but I really had to stay on a timetable, I have other things that must get done today and have to get to bed on time tonite. I can pot those up quickly tomorrow after work. I have to stick a few notes out there for the guys, but I don't think they're coming tomorrow, so I'll do that tomorrow. I'm going to have them dig some big hydrangeas and a hydrangea tree, I don't feel I can do it myself, and he said they would if I need help.

I looks so weird out bare. I did leave some plants where I know they won't be in the way (measured from the drawing he gave me), I'll deal with digging/moving them when it's time to replant everything.

Some of the poor plants already look much worse for wear. Eh, I suppose they'll be fine, tough stuff like rugosas and coneflower and ferns, nothing frou-frou. I felt kind of bad, though - the bumblebees were enjoying the turtlehead, but I had to dig a lot of those, hope they found the flowers on the other side of the yard :0)

ruth: let me see what I have left when it's all done. My brother has dibs on a few things. I'm in the western 'burbs of Detroit.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I know how you feel! I've got a garden that surrounds a huge, triple-trunked oak, and about two weeks ago I saw that the trunk is split to the ground! The tree can (hopefully) be saved, but I just don't want to dig up the garden for when they come to save it! And I know if I don't it will be trampled. I'm wondering if I can wait till fall or even winter, but I'm not sure if the tree can wait. Besides, there are several hydrangeas and azaleas in there that would get just as trampled in winter.

I like Karin's idea of hiring a teen to help... and I would do it the day before, keep things in bags, and then replant. Ugh, too much stuff to pot up...

Good luck with your project!

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tepelus z6a SW MI

I had to move 400+ plants this spring from Ohio to Michigan, and started the project in March as soon as the soil was workable. I dug out new beds every possible day I could and it took me a couple of months to do it, weather permitting. Then I had to make two trips down to Ohio and back in two days to get all that I wanted (and not everything came, which saddened me but I had lots of big beds and not enough space in the Michigan yard for it all), mainly the hostas and daylilies, and it took me two weeks to get it all in the ground. That was being outside every day all day and getting quite crispy in the process. I still have hostas in pots that I have no room for in the ground due to lack of shade, so I'll have to over winter them in the garage and upgrade them into bigger pots as they grow. I'm still working on this yard but I'm nearing the end of planting things. I'm getting quite burned out.


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Oddly, I was having itchy thoughts about my perennial bed.It has degenerated in "onesies" and "dots" and it wouldn't know a mass or a swath from large patch of weeds.
It has never been the "same" for the 18 years, but however long this iteration has been, it is too long.
I think I'll start a new thread.

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