Can someone please identify this fast growing volunteer?

SusanCF(9)June 11, 2014

This grew smack in the center of a pot of oregano. I let it grow since it was so centered I thought I might have put something there on purpose. Now it's clear it's some sort of volunteer. I see a lot of them on my walks. I just wonder what it is. Sadly it will probably have to be cut down. It's sent a thick root right through the pot's drain hole into the ground, but I don't really it want a tree where it is.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

Probably tree-of-heaven, the ironically named mega-weed. Get rid of it while you have the chance.

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Or maybe a Sumac...breed like least where i am...

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Thank you both. "Tree of heaven" (which is a kind of sumac) it appears to be. I see lots of warnings against letting these get started at all in one's yard, so I will remove it and its roots as aggressively as possibly, and with less guilt than I was going to have over cutting down a tree.

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You can see the distinctive notch on the leaflet that signifies it is Tree of Heaven, not sumac. Tree of Heaven is not a type of sumac but it does have the nickname of "stinking sumac" due to the resemblance.

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Ah. Well, anyway, I disposed of it with extreme prejudice. I hope that no suckers are going to pop up elsewhere.

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famartin(z5 NE NV)

I'm 100% positive that its Tree-of-Heaven, a.k.a. Ailanthus (a.k.a. Ghetto Palm).

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