Should I be concerned?

thedogsLL(6B)June 10, 2014

Saturday, while pulling some weeds out of a long neglected corner of my yard, I found this tiny plant. I've had no roses set hips and have not seen any roses anywhere close to my house in a couple of years. Someone suggested to me that I should get rid of it, because it might be multiflora and might have RRD. It looks healthy enough,although I realize it's really young. I'd like to keep it and see if a) it survives, and b) what it turns into.

With all of your experience, am I risking the roses I already have if I try? Sorry about being so blurry - chilly wind came in and really, really dark clouds. I was kind of in a hurry when I realized I needed a photo!
Lynn T

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It's not multiflora and it shows no signs of RRD to my eye--and I've seen a boat load of RRD infected multiflora. I'd certainly keep it. Mother nature sent you a wee gift dilivered by one of her carriers, enjoy!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Unless you took the pic last year you might want to fix the date/year on your camera.

Nice find...

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

A plant of multiflora is no more likely to have RRD than a plant of a garden variety. It's just that multiflora is all over the place where it can serve as a reservoir. Just watch the seedling like you watch al your roses.

Your plant is probably plain mf, but might be an interesting hybrid.

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Great! Thank you, everyone. That's all good to know, and a big relief. OOPs on the date - I didn't realize the year was off. That'll get fixed like now.

*All* my roses consist of 4. I'm nowhere near where any of you are, just starting with not a lot of room in the sun. But yes, they get watched plenty as will this one. I'm really curious as to what it might turn out to be. If multiflora, as long as it's healthy and I can find a place for it, COOL!
Lynn T

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That is such a sweet comment, subk3, about nature sending a "wee" gift. I really enjoyed reading it. Good luck watching your seedling, thedoggsLL!

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