Sears front wheel bearing hub and assembly

kachineeNovember 2, 2008

I was a bit negligent in not greasing the front wheel often enough (once a year) and letting the bearing hub go to the point where that got worn, the front axle assembly got worn, and the opposite side of the rims where the axle goes through got worn as well. It looks like I have to replace the L and R axle assemblies and both front rims.

I can get the front axle assemblies for about $26. However, the front rims (15 x 6) are around $56 each from Sears.

Has anyone purchased new front rims and tires for a Sears/AYP tractor from another source?

Looking at what happened here, I can appreciate why the better tractors (like the John Deere X300) use ball bearings for the front wheels. I know, I should have greased the thing more often than I did, so I admit that this would have lasted longer if I had done that.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Check with an OPE dealer. They may be available through an aftermarket source such as Oregon, Stens, or Rotary.

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Google AYP + the Sears PN.

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I found one that has ball bearings, but I have to check the width of the hub to see if it will work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Front rims and tires

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I bought a pair of those at Northern tool link at tractor supply, although mine were 8" and has a 1" bearing bore, i have been using them a couple years now and they have held up ok, BUT, the tires didnt, one winter on them and they started splitting in the sidewalls, not small cracks either.
And the tires were actually about 1" narrower than a Carlisle tire with same tread and specs. The tires didnt even have a name on them, just "China"
If you have a Tractor Supply store near, i would go take a look, i didnt pay as much for 2,8" wheel tire's as one costs at Northern.

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A friend of mine just bought a front tire and rim for his 1993 Craftsman GT6000 at Lowes for $35.00

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Even expensive tractors needs preventive manintenance eventually? So, the cheaper models made out of cheaper materials require regular pre-ventive maintenance routinely if you plan on keep them or any tractor a long time. Even if you greased them you may still get some wear eventually. But, pre-ventive maintenance will always prolong replacement costs.

Don't feel bad 85% don't do it either.

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Thanks rc.
I found the wheel rim/tire assembly (rims plus tires) at smallenginewarehouse for a good price ($17) and the axle spindles at another site for a lot less than Sears wanted.
I want to get her back together for one more mowing/leaf mulch before it snows. I suppose one more Indian summer is too much to ask for, but hope springs eternal.

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I have the new Carlisle front tires and rims. I have inserted tubes (pre-filled with slime) that I had before.
I am having a heck of a time stabilizing the rim to get the bead on the stem side over the rim.
Does anyone have a method that I can use to stabilize the rim so I can pry the tire bead over the rim? It's been a bit of a struggle.

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Smaller tires can be a hassle to mount/dismount. You might try calling around to some of your local tire centers, etc. to see if they will mount that size/type. The few dollars they will charge may well be worth it to you.

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The tire stores had machines were not set up to hold the rim.
I finally went to a rental center where they repair small equipment and they took care of this.

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