What to buy to cut my lawn fast?

elvis_presley(Minnesota)November 11, 2013

I have really bad allergies and a 1/3 acre lawn with a several obstacles and only one little hill. l have to wear a respirator when cutting a lawn, and prefer to get it over with quick. My craftsman lt1000 with a 42" deck just threw a rod. (18hp intek headgasket went) Now i'm looking at what to do.
Considerations are
1. Walking would be hot with a respirator, but i'm willing.

  1. It would be nice to get rid of my small push mower for the tight spots.
    3. I have a grass catcher now but don't really need it. I just mulch everything--even leaves.Here are some options
    4. I'd like to spend 600 or less.
    5. I want something reliable and don't have the time to do any major work...

options are:
1. Put a new used engine in (150 plus a lot of work?)
2. Get a new used lawn tractor
3. Get a zero -turn rider
4. get a walk behind with a wide cut.

Anything i should be looking for on craigslist? Here are two ads that look interesting to me.

Will I get a better deal in the middle of winter?

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I suggest that you continue to wear the respirator when mowing. You might want to look around and try out several different kinds, so see which one works best. After you are done mowing, take a shower and change into clean clothes. That will get rid of most of the pollen. Also, it helps to mow when the grass is damp, but not actually wet. Avoid mowing when the grass is really dried out. You will need to keep the smaller push mower, if you want to get a thorough good quality cut. If I were in your situation, I would get the riding mower fixed, with a used engine, if that was available. You can mow 1/3 acre with a walk-behind, but it will take longer than what you are accustomed to.

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Whew, what a list of conflicting needs. FWIW, I'd get a new self propelled mulching walk behind as it would fit your budget. If you're not handy, get a service agreement, I think Lowe's has a good deal on these. OK, that conflicts with your physical needs, but $$ usually determine things.

I would stay far, far, away from used equipment unless you're handy. Would not even consider paying someone to put a used engine on a used LT. Unless you know someone who's a small engine mechanic who will give you a good discount and advice.

Your budget would make a down payment on a zero turn and that would be a lot of machine for a 1/3 acre lot.

Consider having a lawn service mow for you when pollen counts are very high and use the walk behind when feasible.

Good luck,


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I am handy--I do everything on my cars, and fix bicycles as a hobby, But I don't need or want another project--and i hate it when i plan to mow my lawn and end up spending hours fixing a mower.
I can push my basic 21" for my whole lawn, but it takes almost two hours, and forget it if the lawn got too long. plus, wearing a respirator doing it is pretty miserable.
what about something like this? I figure it would be faster and more maneuverable. than a snapper rider with the same width.

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Yup, just like exmar said except it is used. If you have any guns laying around it looks you might be able to trade.

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***"4. I'd like to spend $600 or less.
5. I want something reliable and don't have the time to do any major work"***

$600 just once.........or $600 per year for the rest of your days?
With your criteria, and that your current rider has met its demise due to what probably could have been a 4 hour repair for less than $50-$75 with your own handiwork, I suggest you simply redirect your $ resources and hire the lawn cutting out.

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Buy a herd of goats, or sheep, and stake them out in converging circles. They'll eat most everything in reach, including the tires on yer truck! Goats like weedy stuff, sheep like grass! BT/DT
Otherwise--hire the grass mowing out, and be away when they do the work. RJ

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I'm not that big of an idiot. I had about 30 seconds when i should've cut it off but didn't, OK? I thought I needed a rebuild, and thought the smoke was just telling me that. I thought the oil was coming out the exhaust pipe, not from oil dripping on it. I had been topping off the oil, but the gasket went very quick when it went for good.
How about I rephrase the question. What's faster, a 32 inch rider, a larger 26 inch walk-behind, or a 42"tractor, (taking the need to maneuver around obstacles maneuverability into account)?

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that you're going to mulch, pretty much a dead heat amoungst the bunch. Mulching will slow them all right down. Any gains from wider cut width of rider and tractor will be offset by maneuverability of walkbehind. JMHO, yer nickel.

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Is this a great deal for 1,100?
I'm willing to pay this much if the machine will decrease my mowing time significantly

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Know nothing about the Toro machine. You might post in the "Lawn Mowers" forum here at GW and link back to this as someone may have specific knowledge.

Good luck,


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Toro mid size walk behinds are a blast to use. Pricing seems good if it isn't all used up.

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