Quest for Deck Coating continues

exmarNovember 11, 2012

Hi Folks,

That time of year, took off the deck and put on the dozer blade and chains, changed oil, air filter and plugs, ready to rock and roll.

OK, last year I researched deck coatings as I was not happy with either the "cheap" rattle can paint or rustoleum, they both seemed to get "sand blasted" off and when I took off the deck had a lot of rust under there.

I found some good reviews about using auto undercoating spray on mower decks and thought, why not? Last fall, cleaned and wire brushed the deck, and put two coats of auto undercoat on. Looked good. Then a year later I took the deck off.

The underside fo the deck was coated in about an eighth inch of dirt? It had evidently adhered to the undercoat and sat there all year attracting and holding moisture. Scraped that off and found rust. Seems worse using that than paint. Oh well, paint is cheap and does work after a fashion.

Answering the obvious, no, I didn't mow with the undercoat damp, it had all winter to dry. Yes, I take the blades off to touch them up during the summer, but just drive up on ramps and don't pull the deck.

Just sharing,


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I use drive way paint HD its for cement putting on clean deck works best for me.

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I've heard that Rhino Liner (spray on pick up bed liner) works pretty well.
Anything that can be sprayed on is at best a "sacrificial layer" and will eventually need to be re-applied.
We hardly ever consider what degree of protection to the deck (coatings) is provided by that transient collection of grass clippings that adheres to the deck WHILE we are mowing.
That layer really does absorb a lot of punishment that would otherwise pummel the deck metal to ruin in a very short time.
But that is no reason not to scrape the clippings off regularly. The layer will reform after about 20 feet of mowing next time.
As far as type of duty versus damage is concerned.......dry season mulching of leaves and tree nuts is probably the worst for removing coatings from the deck.

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Rhino liner is about the only durable coating, but know it does shrink after several years and will eventually crack and pull into the blade. Anything else that I've seen gets sandblasted off. Maybe there is something super trick, but grease paint and epoxies weren't durable for me.

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I would not waste my time with such things. Avoid mowing when the grass is wet if at all possible and remove excess build up periodically. You could try building a deck from stainless steeel.

Walt Conner

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I wish there were a magic answer. Other than a stainless steel or aluminum deck (too expensive to make) you'll have to scrape and re-paint each year. I always use rustoleum rusty metal primer (or whatever it's called now) FOLLOWED by a topcoat of any of their glossy paints (I use gloss black). This is important to attempy to have stuff not stick, however, it's a losing battle.


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Actually have used POR-15 quite succesfully on such applications . Sandblasting or a good wirebrushing and cleaning is suficient for application of one coat of this undercarrage paint. Rock hard and has lasted for over 5 yrs. As an alternative magnetic paint inc has a similiar product about 37 bucks for a qt which will be more than sufficient for most application of brushing or spraying .
The rhino guard usage sounds interesting also since I have used on may truck bed not sure if it would last as long on this intended usage though , rather extreme lol .

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It's ewalk! How have you been? It sounds like the POR-15 is similar to Rust Doctor or the Estate stuff? Anyone know? I've used both of them, but not under a deck.

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Ariens makes a product called Mo-Deck non-stick spray. I bought a can and thought it might help. I cleaned the deck and sprayed the underneath side. About two months later after late season mowing and leaf mulching I pulled the deck off and turned it over. The deck was completely clean except for minor grass buildup on the plastic parts of the mulching kit. I had used their Sno-Jet on my snowblower last year (appears to be same product) and was impressed with it.

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philb520(z5 ma.)

Here's another plug for POR 15. All you need to do for prep is a stout wire brushing. I used the silver (it doesn't matter what color) and it's held up perfectly for 4 years so far.

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Hey, all you folks who are trying to keep yer decks from rusting--I have found the solution to yer troubles!!
Just hire somebody to cut yer grass, and keep yer nice lawn tractor for SHOW!! Works fer me! Rusty J.

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Hey Tom , doing great ! Huntings almost over and have some winter RV work planned over the winter mths in preparation for next spring . Heck the sunner blew by this yr. Hope all you folks are ready for some snowblowing forcast here in the Great White North is for heavy snow fall . Perhaps you folks South of theBorder might get a reprieve lol :)

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Last year I put a couple coats of used motor oil on mine before putting it away for the winter. I tried Tremclad primer and paint and neither one held on. That's was on the top of the deck too.

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