oil pressure switch cut off?

exmarNovember 14, 2010

Hi Folks,

Getting the GT 500 ready for winter, changing oil to synthetic, removing deck, putting on dozer blade and chains. While changing oil and filter I noticed the connection on the oil filter housing which a lot of folks use to connect tubing and thereby a oil pressure gauge. I'm not interested in doing that, but got to wondering if there's an "after market" pressure switch out there that I could connect and then wire into the ignition circuit (operator presence circuit)? I know there's low oil shut off switches on generators and similar things, but don't think they operate on pressure, but on level in the sump. This switch would have to "drop out" at less than 4.6 PSI according to Briggs.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time,


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You want an automotive oil pressure switch that is intended to operate a "low oil pressure idiot lamp".
This switch is Normally Closed configuration.
You will also need to use a manually operated "spring returned", Normally Closed switch (push button type preferred) in the circuit (wired in series with the low oil switch) which you will hold down when you want to start the engine.
Without the "push button" switch to manually overrule the low oil pressure switch for starting, you might have a longer crank time (to wait for low oil switch to open) until enough oil pressure created by the oil pump. The manual push button opens the circuit to defeat the low oil pressure kill function. When the engine starts you take your finger off the push button switch and your low oil shut down switch will kill the engine in the event of low oil pressure.

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Normally, oil pressure operated kill switches aren't used on something that you might cross a highway etc with.

You don't want the engine to die at an "inopportune" time!

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Hi Folks,

Thanks for the input, sorry I haven't responded, but been too busy with work.

I was hoping that someone had actually done this and would suggest a pressure switch. Also, unsure what "low pressure" on an automotive engine is compared to a 2 cyl Briggs?


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In an OPE engine with no external oil lines or galleries it would be a very rare occurrence to lose oil pressure. That failure would be more from a snapped camshaft or oil pump drive gear than from low oil level or a fatal oil leak.

If you simply do a common sense pre-flight check and take a look at oil level, spin-on oil filter integrity, and for small mammals in or around the engine shrouds you'll be OK.

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