Battery Causes Mower to Stop

rayddd447November 30, 2009

I have a Honda Harmony riding mower- 7 years old- recently serviced. Battery is 3 to 4 years old. After cutting grass for 30 minutes mower shut down. Would not turn over when I tried to start. I cleaned the battery terminals and reinstalled battery. It started right up and I continued to cut grass. After another 10 minutes it shut off again. It would not turn over. I thought I must have a short or some other electrical problem. I took the battery in to test and found it had a bad cell. Installed new battery and it worked perfectly. Ran it it for another hour or so with no problems.

My question is this: Is it possible for a battery to cause this mower to shut down while it is cutting grass. I thought the battery was just for starting.

Thanks- Ray

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Honda Harmony really isn't very specific. If your model has the the little electrical solenoid at the base of the carburetor, then it may be a possibility. Basic electronic magneto ignitions do not require a battery to maintain spark. Various solenoids need a min 8-10 volts when all is said in done to actuate, 12 volt ideally. If the cable ends have seen their better days, you would be better off replacing them. If all is well now, then great. If not, please post the model #S off the tag.

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Does it have elect clutch or manual?

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Assuming it has an interlock system there needs to be voltage present. This might well come from the battery.

My suspicion is that it has an active electronic component in the ignition and/or interlock system. Many transistor need a minimum voltage to operate.

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my guess is the battery is dead and the elect. components are drawing more juice than the reg/mag/gen can regulate/produce? or the battery is drawing more juice than the reg/mag/gen can provide and still keep fire to the coil?

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