Flat tire

rustyj14(W/PA)November 8, 2012

Well, after many years of trying to change those leetle tars on riding lawn mowers, i have decided to allow a large tire seller to install a new tar,as the old one is bad, and flat! It ain't worth my effort to change them! NO SIR! Times have changed!

I took the front tar from my riding mower, wheel and all, and for $21 and change, they mounted a brand new tar, and tomorrow i'll be out there showing it to the leaves in my yards!

Over the years, folks would bring flat tars for me to fix. NO! Take them to the big tar store!

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My 35 yr old sit down mower came to me on its original tires, 2 were flat. I got lucky and plugged the holes with a couple cans of fix a flat.

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Well, after many tries with using that fixaflat stuff, and nothing being permanent, and the riding mower running on tires that were new in 1983, i decided it was time for a new tire!

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I use Champion brand some times found at Walmart. It is liquid. To be successful you need to remove the wheel, lay it on each side alternately and bounce the wheel around, roll, to distribute the sealant, it doesn't just magically fly to where required.

Walt Conner

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Gee, Walt, you could have fooled me! Why, i thought there were little gremlins inside the can, who slid out and into the tire, and they had leetle brooms to push the sealant around, coating the inside of the tire, and sealing the leaks! Guess i was mis-informed. Thanks for the information. Cheers: Rusty J.

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Hey Rusty send over some of them little Green Gremlins in a can they would be great at getting into my Garage corners for cleaning when I,am done with the renovations.

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Any time Rusty,

Walt Conner

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Gee, I thought any LT tyre was required to have green slim in it. I like the can where you just screw it on and it blows the tire up. I even by the tubes with green slim in them so I don't have to worry about flats or even putting air in the tyre!. My 1990 LT still has orginal tyres Full of fix a flat, then green slim when I removed the and reversed them for that new tire look! works for me on all the Tires, tyres, tars.

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