B&S twin cylinder engine/carburetion

rustyj14(W/PA)November 15, 2010

B&S engine, as described above. Carb problems.

Model: 42A707

Type: 2238E1

Code: 9707305A

Well, Dumbo Rusty took the carb apart, and now he needs help with putting it back together!

How does the large spring and cup go in it? How do the little springs fit into it? (How many?) One i took apart had the big spring on the inner side of the large gasket, The one in the back shed, it had the spring and cup on the forward side of the gasket

I have several old engines out in the back shed, where i got some of the parts for the carb. I'm sure i have them all. Give me a page that shows how they go, please. I do have the new diaphragm gasket, and the other gasket area pieces. I just forgot how it all fits.

After this---i'll be eating humble pie for months! RJ

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Mownie ..help out a Forum Member with illustrations lol .:)

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I assume you are working on the 3 screw fuel pump located on the front of the carburetor.
Pictures are located in section 3, page 3 of the service manual. There are a lot of little pieces that need to be sandwiched together.

The small springs are used to hold the check valve flaps (on the diaphram) closed. A small dab of grease will hold these on the posts provided.

The large spring and cup fit in the cavity of the plastic pump body. This pushes the pump diaphram one way and vacuum pulses suck the diaphram against the spring.

This is difficult to explain, so I hope this can be understood.

Assemble as follows:
1. insert screws in the metal plate and lay on your bench with the screw heads down.
2. install the gasket
3. install the solid diaphram
4. install the plastic pump body - (spring cavity up)
5. install the large spring
6. install the spring cap on the large spring
7. install one small check valve spring on the post provided on the plastic pump body. small dab of grease may help hold this in place.
8. install the diaphram that has the two check valve flaps.
9. On the carburetor body, install the small spring on the metal post provided. A small dab of grease will help hold this in place.

  1. pick up the carburetor and guide it to the stack of pump parts already assembled - so that the 3 screws contact the 3 screw holes. Hold the carburetor in this position.

  2. Using your other hand /fingers, work the metal plate against the carburetor body and hold.

  3. Now you can turn the carburetor up - so that you can tighten the screws.

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Well Rusty What Say Thou , Blue and Mownie , What A Team ! :)

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Well, thank you, to Blue and Mownie!! Hopefully, if i can find all of the pieces, i will set down at my card table in the garage, and carefully try to reassemble that carb! I printed out the pictures, and the instructions, and as soon as i can, i'm gonna get to it.
Thanks again! Rusty J.
P.S. I have a friend who can not understand why people need or want computers. I've tried to tell him how great they are, even if just used for this type of stuff.
To wit: He bought a new walk-behind snow blower 8 years ago, with the extended service contract, which by now Sears has trimmed a lot. So, in August last, he hauled it down to Sears for the annual check-up. They had to oil the chain, and some other areas, changed the oil, greased 4-5 fittings, no new belts, and some other things that aren't troublesome, and charged him $75 for the service! He tried to renew the service contract, and was denied! Sears said, when he inquired, that the machine had been treated badly, was in bad shape, and a bunch of other excuses! I've seen it, and it looks good for eight years of heavy use, plowing out the street, which he owns, for his neighbors and himself.
Well, i have offered in the past, to do the yearly tune-up, etc., but he demurred, nicely, quoting his service contract.
So, after he jumped up and down on the sales person's feet, and hollered, they did renew it for another year.
Thats why i don't think i'd ever buy a service contract. Too easy to get cheated, then tossed out when ya try to use it! End of rant. Rustyj

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rustyj, you need to buy Ruth a new "big ole cookie baking pan" or a biscuit pan and trade it to her for her old one (if she'll part with it).
Them big pans what has the raised edges all around are perfect for tearing down carbs and such. Just reading about the impromptu work station (folding card table) made me groan at the prospect of having to get down on all fours trying to find the smallest missing piece that sneaked away when the table leg got bumped. To use one of your phrases...."Ask me how I know about that!". :^)

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Yah, but: This card table is not one of those flimsy ones. It has locking legs, with handles. I have used it for many years for assembly work, and any way, there isn't enough room for it to fall down!
Well, i got the carb reassembled, no parts left over, and all, but there is a problem with the linkage. Today, i haven't been able to get to it yet. Then a guy came in with an ancient Wheel Horse tractor, rounded fenders, looks old, and a snow plow and mower deck for it. Got it all for $25! Has a Kohler engine on it--sez it runs good.
I'm trying to get rid of stuff, but a bargain is a bargain.
So, i must go out to make leaves disappear now. Not enough hours in a day. Wind is helping blow them down to the neighbors!

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"reassembled with No Parts left Over" loved that one Rusty lol .

"must make the leaves disappear now" Your such a fine neighbour Bro Roflmbo :)

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Well, i drove a mile and a half, to go tell a guy his spark plug was bad-mighty bad, so he went to get a new one. He gave me $10 for the trip. I didn't want to take it, as he is a good customer, but he tossed it into my truck, so i think he wanted me to have it. Whut do ya think?
I have the carb back together and installed, but have to adjust the throttle cable, etc, before i try to start it. Along with a rope on the spark plug wire, in case i can't control it. That weird bunch of controlling plates,cables, springs, and all are mind boggling. I have peered at the one sitting out back, and i think i have it right. And, if all else fails, there are several other machines with good engines in them, with bad trannies, that would willingly give up their engines for me!
And, to finish the day, a guy sold me a small, old, Wheel Horse tractor, for $25! With the mowing deck, and a snow plow! Model A-100, 36" deck, 4 speed Transmission. Has a Kohler engine on it-he sez it runs good. It sets low, has the rounded rear fenders, and some rust! Deck spindles don't turn easily. I'd take $100 without the snow plow! RJ

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Got it all together-won't pump fuel! Runs on ether-no pump!
Can i use one of the other kinds of fuel pumps-pulse, as used on the later Briggs Vanguards singles? And, run it thru the old integral pump?
If not, It'll be out back for the other pump assembly!
Maybe i'll just swap carbs, Easier. Rusty, who never gives up---well--almost never!

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I have finally bit the bullet! I went out back and removed the carb on another tractor engine, installed it on the tractor in the garage, and BINGO!!! It starts and runs! And, tomorrow i have a JD tractor on my truck that won't run, so i'll be busy fixing that.
Thanks for all of the help. I'll keep the info you sent me, for another day.
Was warm here, today. Worked outside for a while, but winter is in the wings. Got to clear out the garage, for winter. Need working space.
Thanks again: RJ

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Cudo's Rusty another fine Repair , great to have spares for quick trouble shooting assistance !

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Well, the green machine that was in my truck has ran its last! The engine is toast! Raps really loudly, and won't stay running! I told the owner last Spring, that the engine was rapping, but he poo-poohed me, and continued to use it all summer!
I got old Uncle Joe to come hear it, and he said i should of figgered it out. But, i said i had told the owner i'd have my engine expert look at it, so Uncle Joe did.
This is in a green machine, but it still went bad! A 17.5 Kohler vertical shaft. Not cheap to replace, i'll bet.
Well, i'll call him tomorrow and convey the bad news. The whole tractor isn't in the best of condition, had a lot of hard usage, roots and rocks, and ditches, etc. The hour meter sez 450! But, he was trying to start it, with only a 1/4 inch of oil showing on the stick! I put fresh oil in it, but it raps loudly on the first few revs!

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