pix belts

cosNovember 18, 2010

have a mtd yard machine & put a new pix belt on the deck drive & it did not last 2 weeks. not sure if fault of the machine of if these belts are no good?

anyone else have experience[bad or good] with pix?

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I've not installed Pix belts, but have seen them in use that have held up. Tell us about how the belt broke and what the original part# is.

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There are subtle differences in OEM belt design and materials that aftermarket and third party belts do not offer. Even crossover OPE belts from Gates and Dayco are approximate replacements and are not EXACT replacements. If you Google around you'll find many posts inquiring about why their new belt doesn't fit like the old one and didn't last very long.

Some people swear by aftermarket belts but the majority of L&G people swear at aftermarket belts. There are many long time L&G people who have learned that in many instances the OEM Manufacturer's belts are the way to go.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

My old MTD lawn tractor with the variable speed pulley will only work properly on OEM type belts, including those from Arnold (which I think are OEM). Nothing else seems to work right, and I've tried substitutes that were supposedly the same size.

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Don't assume that beacause an OEM belt manufacturer makes the belts for a particular brand that the belts they offer as a third party are identical to the OEM belts they make.

Often, the OEM contract they sign prohibits them from making the EXACT OEM belts available under their own name.

So, while Gates, Dayco, and Arnold may make belts for MTD, ATP, or JD the belts that say Gates, Dayco, and Arnold are not the same.

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