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sugmag(5b)February 10, 2013

Hi everyone!! I am a newbie and can't wait to meet you all! I am not new to vegetable gardening, but I am new to starting my seeds indoors. I am on a mission to start my seeds in doors this year. I got this for my birthday and I am anxious to use it. Des anyone use anything similar? Do you use it indoors or outdoors. Any helpful links out there of rfirst timers on seed starting would be great!! Oh yeah here is tha t link to my. Mini greenhouse.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Welcome to wintersowing. The concept of wintersowing is designed in order to be able to start seeds outdoors without the frustration, expense, mess, and space required to start seeds indoors under lights or with heat mats. Please read the FAQ which do a wonderful job of explaining the process. Basically, we use clear plastic containers with drainage holes in the bottom and ventilation holes in the top. We put 4 inches of potting mix or seed starting mix, moisten it and plant seeds into the container. We then put the container outside in the snow, rain, and wind and wait for the optimum weather to arrive for the seeds to sprout. The container protects the seeds from washing away in a torrential downpour or being eaten by hungry birds or other critters. It also helps maintain the appropriate humidity to maximize germination. The seeds will also usually sprout earlier than seeds planted out directly, because the potting mix warms up sooner than the ground. The containers themselves act as mini greenhouses. So, your purchase of the greenhouse could be used for either wintersowing or starting seeds indoors. The trouble with the greenhouse is that it keeps the seeds from receiving the rain and snow that keep it moist. If you winter sow the "traditional" way, you don't need to worry about watering until the weather warms up quite a bit.

Please do some searches of previous threads and other online sources for wintersowing. You'll find lots of info and lots of enthusiastic winter sowers. Good luck.


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