Cheap rider lift?

tomplumNovember 15, 2013

I see Harbor Freight has a lift in the flyer for $79.99 . It seems affordable for the average Joe . Has anyone checked it out?

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Here's the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: HF

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300# capacity doesn't seem like much. My set up weighs about 600#; not sure how it's distributed though.

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Looks similar to my MoJack, except the HF has hydraulic lift, while the Mojack is screw-type. MoJack is also rated for 300 pounds, has no trouble with my 26-HP Husqvarna tractor, which weighs a little over 600 pounds. If the HF unit had been available when I bought my MoJack, I would certainly have given it a look.

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MoJack has some nice units. I would think that 300 # capacity is good for the typical lawn tractor, probably many L&G tractors as well. You are really lifting one end at a time. I'm sure you could over do it on a beastly tractor. Mine is a 400# capacity lift and I can say it has sweat a couple of times. I'm going to HF and have a look whilst I'm there. Will post back an opinion. One press I have is a HF special. Not ever given me a problem, but is slow!

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My lift is a multipurpose tool. I bolt a chain hook in the end of the platform on my HF hyd lift table. A short chain goes from there to the front or rear of the rider. That table is my best buddy in the shop to lift things where I can easily work on them.

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Those lift tables are nice, though I haven't seen the HF one. Is yours pneumatic or electric?

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I use a garage jack. I like it because it is a quick way to lift the front end so I can easily move the front wheels to check the tire pressure. It also work nicely when removing the mower deck to jack the front end.

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Have a Older Global Inc Unit , 1000 lb Rated . Designed Motorcyle use. I modified its table top for 4-Wheeler and Snowmobile use . I think it was $450 range about 8 yrs ago . I see there still in business. Scizzor lift Hydraulic Cyl. activated by foot pump . Not a bad unit for the Buck at the time . Paid for itself over the yrs. Probably cheaper units available these days $80.00 for a 300 # lift qualifies lol .

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FWIW. Yesterday I was at Tractor Supply to take advantage of their Thanksgiving 10% off everything and stocked up on wild bird seed, etc. etc. that I usually buy there.

I noticed a stack of boxed rider lifts, didn't look at them having no need.

Probably the same imported stuff that everyone else sells. If you've got a TSC nearby, it might be worth a look, 10% is 10%.

Good luck,


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No go at my local HF. Nothing to report here....

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Tom, mine is hydraulic, IIRC rated at either 900 or 1,000 lbs.

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I was just serfing the forum and found this about cheap rider lfts question, I have one from HF #60636 and I use it to fully pick up my garden tractor. I bought it to lift up my VW roadster for oil changing and maintaince. I can lift the whole car off the ground, probably not a good idea, but I lift the whole front or the whole back at a time to do work. at $179.00 it's been worth it and a good tool to have around.

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