Any roses that do particularly well in part shade? Any Austins?

Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTNJune 21, 2014

Hello All!

I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for roses that might do well for me in the part-shade areas of my yard. I am in a constant state of planning for my new additions, and a large portion of the area I have left to work with only gets sun from about 7am- 1pm, & some areas (mostly my porch-where I would love to have potted roses) get even less at 7am-11:30am.

Then there are some areas of the yard that are completely shaded in the morning and then get bright sun from about 1:30pm until about 6-7pm. Since I am still a newbie I have no idea if these allotments would be considered adequate sunlight, & if morning sun and afternoon sun are created equal in the eyes of roses or if one is drastically preferred to another in this type of climate. I just don't know!

So, any advice you may have, or recommendations of things that have worked in your garden would be much appreciated. I have a certain affinity for Austin roses & also for any rose with a strong fragrance, but all types are welcome here, I love them all.

Thanks so much for your help!


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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

Hi Jessica,

I am not much of an expert but I can give a little insight on one rose I have in shade. I am growing Red Moss/Henri Martin - it's an old moss rose. It has big double blooms that are pink/red depending on your location. It's doing very well in part shade and I'm in a colder zone than you.

Not sure how you feel about the older roses but it's doing very well for me so far. Hardly can tell it's new aside from it's small size.

Also - Heirloom Roses has a wonderful selection and really great searching options!

Here are all Austin's that tolerate shade for your zone!

Good luck :o)


Here is a link that might be useful: David Austin's Shade Roses

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

In my garden Harlow Carr does OK in part shade.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

If a rose can get at least 6 hours of sun, that is fine. Sounds like you have some morning spots and some afternoon spots that meet those requirements, so you can probably grow most any rose in those places.

For places that get less than 6 hours of sun, you will need to be pickier, but probably most roses will grow there. The question is whether it will be enough sun. Too often, fewer blooms and more blackspot problems are the results.

If you have room for some larger, often fountain-shaped rose shrubs that do fairly well in semi-shady spots, check out the hybrid musks which tolerate some shade better than many other roses do. Buff Beauty is indeed a beauty!

By the way, I'm not sure the Austin roses linked to above are particularly tolerant of shade. You might double-check on the David Austin site where he lists which of his roses are shade-tolerant. On the other hand, most Austins (and many other roses) often appreciate a couple hours of afternoon semi-shade in really, really hot regions.

Hope that helps.


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Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTN

Thanks so much for the advice! It sounds like I am just in for some trial and error! & thats ok! I will check into the moss and hybrid musk roses for sure, I don't know much about old roses yet, but I do want to learn more & I am slowly building a list of ones I would like to try out, at the top of my list so far are: Souvenir de la Malmaison, Mme. Isaac Pereire, & Reine des Violettes. I may now add Buff Beauty to that list too because she looks gorgeous! And a strong fragrance too... Yes please!

I have seen the section of the David Austin website that highlights his shade-tolerant varieties, but I feel like that must not be all the options, because there are so few listed out of the oodles of them that there are. I checked out the "especially fragrant" section as well, and it felt like some things were missing, ex: Abe Darby is not listed, but Golden Celebration is, and to me- & what seems like most people would agree, GC does not come close to beating out AD in fragrance, I don't understand why Abe isn't in there, but again, they only list a small amount of roses in that section, who knows why. So in thinking about it that way I have decided there must be more Austins that do well in shade, I just need to figure out what they are!

Thanks again guys!


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junco East Georgia zone 8a(zone 8a)

The Antique Rose Emporium also has a list of shade tolerant roses--they specify that those roses still need 3 to 4 hours of direct sun. Most of the roses on their list are hybrid musks.
I have a very similar situation in my garden to yours and I have been scouring these forums for suggestions. Marie Daly, Green Ice, and Comtesse de Cayla have done well for me in the short time I've had them. Mrs. Dudley Cross is healthy but hasn't bloomed much in afternoon sun, she is in her second year. I am keeping Felicia and Darlow's Enigma in pots for planting when it cools off this fall.
Good luck with your search--be sure to look on the Antique Rose Forum also--they incude Austins.

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I grow Lyda rose in the shade, and she's awfully pretty there. I also have my Ballerina in more shade than I wanted, and she's done fine, too.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

I agree with Kate that hybrid musks tend to do well in part shade, particularly with some direct sun as you mention for the latter group of roses. In the first situation you describe, I agree with Seil that most roses will be fine under those circumstances, particularly with the morning sun. Other roses that do well in part shade for me include Darlow's Enigma, Double Knockout, most polyanthas, and to my pleasant surprise, most hybrid perpetuals.

In my yard, I have all three that are on the top of your list, and I wouldn't put either Souvenir de Malmaison or Mme. Isaac Periere in part shade. I have Reine de Violettes in part shade and she does reasonably well, but doesn't rebloom well. I can't tell if it's from the part shade or the particular cultivar of RdV I have. Among Austins, I've had good results in part shade from the following: Heritage, The Alnwick Rose, The Alexandra Rose, Darcy Bussell, The Prince, and Teasing Georgia (though she gets a bit floppy for the latter). Another option that is relatively double like the Austins is Lavender Lassie.


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Heritage can take afternoon shade. I think it prefers it because the flowers last longer. The spectacular mini 'gourmet popcorn' ( larger than a mini when I've seen it and also here where it is almost waist high) does very well in morning sun.

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

A good general guideline is that roses strongly influenced by 'Rosa moschata' and/or 'Rosa multiflora' will be OK in less than full sun. This would thus include the original Noisettes (not the ones with Tea blood), Polyanthas, the once-blooming Multiflora Ramblers, and many Hybrid Musks. You'll also find some Austins and Floribundas which may work -- I'm guessing the Austins bred from 'Iceberg', and Floribundas were originally bred from Polyanthas and Hybrid Teas, so some may still carry the less-sun tolerance -- but you'll have to research them individually. Also look into some roses classed as Shrubs -- this is a bit of a catch-all, and Hybrid Musks are one sub-category, but a few others in that group may also do well in less than full-sun. Again, you'd have to look them up individually.

Here's a few which might work for you which also have some nice fragrance -- look them up on HelpMeFind for more information.

'Bubble Bath' (big/climber)
'Buff Beauty' (big/climber)
'Cornelia' (big/climber)
"Darlow's Enigma" (huge)
'Excelenz von Schubert' (big/climber)
'Lavender Lassie' (big/climber)
'Lyda Rose' (medium-big)
'Moonlight' (big/climber)
'Penelope' (big/climber)
'Prosperity' (big/climber)
'Purple Skyliner' (big/climber)

'Aimee Vibert' (get the bush form -- medium)
'Aunt Margy's Rose' (small/medium)
'Blush Noisette' (medium)
'Clotilde Soupert' (small)
'Marie Pavie' (small)
'Pink Soupert' (small)
'White Pet' (small)
'Yvonne Rabier' (small)



Here is a link that might be useful: Rose Search at HelpMeFind

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

Oh, and if you have the room for it, also consider 'Rosa moschata' itself. For you, it would probably start blooming in July/August and continue to frost -- and its clove scent will be noticeable from quite a distance in the humid Summer air. Mine gets only a few hours of direct sun in the morning, followed by bright shade the rest of the day. It's in only its second year here, but is growing vigorously and doesn't get blackspot in my no-spray New Jersey garden -- which is quite a rare thing among my roses, as virtually everything else will get at least a few spotty leaves at some point.



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'Aloha' is my best climber in part shade (of course in my zone it doesn't climb; it dies back to 1' in the winter and only gets to 3' tall by fall).

It doesn't need much care, and the blooms have a really nice form and smell nice and last a long time.

Aloha is pink; there's also an Apricot sport called 'Dixieland Linda' that I really want.

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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

The Alnwick Rose and Darcey Bussell are both doing beautifully for me in afternoon shade. Carding Mill too.
Of course I'm in a ridiculously dry climate .. not lovely moist Tennessee.

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