Tecumseh Peerless 205-010A Transaxle

xpsdNovember 13, 2012

The control lever on my Tecumseh Peerless transaxle (205-010A) sheared off where the forward/reverse pedal rod connects (1996 Murray 42910X92C lawn tractor).

Which replacement part do I need? The illustrated parts list from Outdoor Distributors identifies part # 798029, but the diagram shows more holes or dowels than my original.

Mine looks like part # 798024A which has:

- 1 large hole with groove for woodruff key (part # 792175)

- 1 dowel for return-to-neutral operation

- 1 small hole (unused)

- 1 large hole for forward/reverse pedal rod


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I've uploaded a diagram to clarify the differences:

Part A appears to have an extra hole or dowel which is not on my original part, but it is supposedly a direct replacement for the 205-010A transaxle. Part B is listed as a replacement for a "205" transaxle, but it looks more like the one I have.

The model and serial # for my transaxle are printed alongside the right tire as in the illustration.

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My opinion is...........whichever one you can purchase should work equally well.
205 versus 205-10A is simply Peerless' way of identifying a particular point when of some kind of changes were made for the factory production runs down the assembly line, and in the replacement parts department.
The fact that the broken control lever you are looking at appears to have fewer holes (than the replacement) should not be a factor in actual use.
The fourth hole would simply remain empty after you match up the other three holes to the duties of the broken lever holes. This would be done by a visual match by looking at the old and new levers lying side by side before you install the new one.
As to why the extra hole: Can't say for sure but sometimes where the same transaxle would be used in different models/brands there will be changes in the chassis linkage that would require the holes in the control lever to be at different distances from the centerline mounting hole of the lever. If all that needs to be done to address the issue is to add another hole, then Peerless has made a wise choice by using a single part to replace what would have required manufacturing...and stocking....2 different parts, both for the assembly line and for the parts department.

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Thanks, mownie.

The 798029 part appears to be no longer available.

However, the 798024A part is, and a sales rep from Partstree was nice enough to have their distributor take some pics and email me the dimensions (top-to-bottom):

- (A) 9.5 mm hole for a pedal rod
- (B) 5.5 mm hole for a dowel pin
- (C) 9.5 mm hole for a pedal rod
- (D) 5.5 mm hole for a dowel pin
- (E) hole with woodruff groove for transaxle

The length-on-center is 1.5 for DE and 3.0 for AE.

For my 1996 Murray, only items A, D, and E are used.

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