A strange machine:

rustyj14(W/PA)November 21, 2010

I was given a free Murray riding tractor/ lawn mower, former owner moved to Florida, and gave it to me. Had carb troubles, but with some great help here, i finally got it running and driving.

BUT---It mows well, runs well, drives well, and leaves disappear well, But, when i checked the bagger---there wasn't anything in it!

I figgered a stuffed delivery chute. Yep, so i cleaned it out. Didn't help. Checked the underside of the deck--clean. Ran engine faster. Nope. Today i did my large front and side yards--leaves disappeared, nothing in the bagger! And yes, i did have the blades turning! I'm beginning to think this place is haunted. WOOOO-HOOOOO!

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"Today i did my large front and side yards--leaves disappeared, nothing in the bagger!" Hey, what more can a guy ask for Rusty!
Though if you really wanted to bag them for the garden, maybe the blades are upside down or the baffle plugged in the bagger.

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Well, the problem sort of went away all by itself. A fellow came by, asked how much i'd take for it. I told him, he bought it, but asked me to remove the bagger assembly, as he didn't need it. Problem solved! And yes, i did find the tube was really stuffed!

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Just for general info; if the bag does not inflate with the engine running, nothing will go in it because no air is blowing into the bag. Something was obviously out of whack with the mower.

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Yeah ,Putting the blades on upside down, and then spending all kinds of time fixing stuff on the Inty and having the final fix being to put the blades on right. Ask me how I know. Like everything else , a lesson learned the hard way. Doh

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