Craftsman chipper:

rustyj14(W/PA)November 24, 2010

A fellow called, said he had a fairly new chipper, with a hole in the engine--do i want it?

Well, i said yes, so went and got it. Since i had run out of work, and i have a very good engine sitting un-used, i went to work on it. I started at 2 pm, and by 4:30, i was looking for the dynamite!

That machine has to be the worst designed chipper i have ever seen! To take off any part, you must remove something else first, but to get the first part off, you must remove something else, until ya have a pile of parts on the floor, but still haven't found the bolts that hold the engine on!

I can understand the reasoning about safety, but that thing is ridiculous. One rear wheel bracket has one bolt showing, but another one is underneath, and that one is covered by a cast iron reinforcement, that falls on yer foot if ya remove one bolt, which ya can't get to unless ya remove another bolt. I finally gave it up and shut the shop door, and went up fer supper.

I firmly believe i will have a shiny almost new Tec carburetor and ignition coil to put on the shelf. And 4 nice wheels, and a leaf bag, while the rest takes a ride to the scrap yard! I firmly think it was designed by idiots, who have 3 hands, seven thumbs, and nothing upstairs! It almost like they installed 2 pieces, but found out one piece didn't belong there, but since it was already installed, then they designed something to take its place, but had to modify it, and-------oh, never mind! It is modern engineering at its finest!

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I feel your pain. There have always been good designers and poor designers. Often the engineers that have experience are laid off and the young ones have to re-learn many lessons.

I agree that stuff like this is so basic that there is no excuse no matter how green the engineer. Then again, if you have never repaired something in your life, odds are you won't be good as an engineer no matter the degrees you have!

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I think that thing was designed by idiots! And, since i have had a nights' sleep, the more i think about it, the more i know where it is going! The scrap yard!
The P.O. probably thought it had oil in the engine, added gasoline, and fired it up! BT/ST. And then, they said:"What was that loud noise"?
Some ten years ago, i was given a brand new Southland self-propelled mower, that a man had bought from a store, and brought it back, complaining it had stopped running, and the oil looked "watery"!
Yes, in his apparent haste to get his new mower running, he tore off those pesky tags and threw out the instruction booklet, filled the tank, and started it! Evidently the break-in oil saved it from much damage, as i took it home, filled the crankcase with new oil, and got it running. It ran so well, that i sold it to some folks who used it for 10 years! They finally sold it, because the wheels wore down!

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