Simplicity Prestige Cruise Control Stuck in Forward

booboo99November 6, 2013

Does anyone know where to adjust the cruise control on a Simplicity? My Prestige keeps going forward, even though the control lever is all of the way back in the off position.

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booboo - are you sure you are speaking of your cruise control or might it be your hydro transmission control? Usually, cruise control is simply on or off.
Might also check your owners manual for adjustment instructions for the motion control linkage to eliminate "creeping" when the hydro tranny control is in the neutral position...

if more help is needed, please post the full model number off the I.D. Plate on the tractor. That will help us to locate technical documents for your particular machine.

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I am not sure if it is the cruise control or the hydrostatic transmission that is out of adjustment. When I push the cruise control hand lever forward, the tractor goes faster. When I pull it all of the way back, the tractor slows down a little, but does not stop like it should. It moves at a faster speed than "creeping". I cannot go in Reverse when I depress the reverse foot pedal. My tractor is a Simplicity Prestige, 27 HP Kohler engine, with 54" deck. The Model number is 2690681. The Serial number is 2000713880. I appreciate any help I can get with this matter.

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If you don't have manuals for that unit, use the link below and enter the Model number you posted.....

Here is a link that might be useful: prestige manuals

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Looked at the operator's manual and now understand why you "move" that cruise control lever. But, if your forward foot pedal is not functioning properly (as you already have noted that your reverse foot pedal is not working correctly), then most likely there is a linkage problem of some kind under the main frame between control levers/pedals and hydro tranny.
If you are a shadetree mechanic type, you will want to pull the deck off and jack the machine up to analyze just what isn't working or is broken - taking plenty of pix before tearing anything apart so as to get all back together correctly... otherwise, time to pack her up and take to a qualified shop for repair... particularly as that manual does not provide any adjustment instructions for such.
Good luck.

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I checked the linkage from the cruise control lever all of the way to the foot pedal. I think I know what the problem is. I found the reverse foot pedal is a little crooked. In fact, it is rubbing tightly against the slot where it comes up through the foot board. Nothing looks to be bent though. I am trying to figure out what to adjust to center the reverse foot pedal in the slot. I do not see anything to adjust. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I adjusted the foot pedal and now have it centered in the slot in the foot board. The tractor is still "creeping" forward and it will not go in reverse when I push down the reverse foot pedal. I think I might need to adjust neutral. Is that a difficult thing to do?

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I can't help you there as the documentation available to me says nothing about such.
You might try a local simplicity dealer or call the Simplicity factory service dept for assistance.. or at least ask them if there is a service manual available for your machine...

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Thanks. I will probably take it in for service this week. I always try to do these repairs on my own, first. I actually like tinkering with mowers, tractors, etc.

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