leland cypress browning from bottom up (pics)

elcid98June 30, 2010

I have a row of leland cypress trees that are starting to brown from the bottom up. I've read about the different diseases and pests that can cause problems and I suspect it may be some type of insect issue b/c of webs I'm seeing.

here are the pics.

trees browning from bottom up

webs i'm seeing

rotting with sap leaking

Anyone seen this before?

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Carrie B

It's not unusual for conifers to brown out down below and in the inner branches, where the needles are shaded out. Your tree looks pretty normal in that respect, I believe.

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This type of thing along with the overwhelming size Leland cypress trees grow to in such a short time are the main reasons why I would never plant Leyland cypress trees.

Instead the pest and disease resistant thuja plicata "Green Giant" and its sport cultivar are the only tree cultivars I will plant for any location where I desire a tall growing evergreen screen planting.

Still, If you like the Leyland Cypress tree so much then it would have been wise for you to consistantly maintain treating with systemic pest treatments to avoid such damage to your pest and disease prone Leylands.

Hope someone who who has experience with Leylands can answer your question more specifically than I have been able to do for you.

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Looks like it may have cypress canker where you have it tagged "looks to be rotting or something?". Not much you can do about it other than get rid of the plant.


PS spellcheck: Leyland

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I see a canker as well, exactly to be expected with these plants. You got your few years out of them, time to start replacing.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

where are you

how long have they been in the ground

they are conifers ... there is a forum for such... though i do NOT care where you post.. using the GW search engine should get you many posts on these conifers ...

interior browning and loss of needles is ENTIRELY NORMAL .... and increased by stressors such as recent planting ... and abnormal winters ... and weather .... no conifer hold the interior needles forever ...

as far as the spider web.. its summer... unless you find a specific bug.. FIND IT ... i would defer to mr spider.. and many.... are beneficial ... no matter how much some of us hate them ... its not an issue sans proper ID of something else ...

i will defer on the canker issue..

i dont do these plants. in my zone.. but from what i have read.. there is no real great upside to them ... fast growing.. fast to get problems.. and fast to die ... ergo ... i agree with dan.. that replacement is on the books... especially while they are small enough for you to do it yourself .... however.. when and how this has to be done is the issue ... this could easily be a 5 year project.. replacing 1 or 2... while maintaining the privacy hedge...


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